Here we are looking at June coming in a few days and I’m  wondering where my three favorite months went.  I love March, April and May.  They are the months that bring the first warm weather after the cold of winter.  Flowers appear again and everything turns green after a season of grays and browns.  My garden is blooming.  Here, let me show you a few of the flowers.


A peony growing in my kitchen garden.


A beautiful yellow iris. I love its bright orange center.  Is that the stamen?  I forget my flower parts.


Peonies and Irises make good companion plants.


I love salvia.  It’s a xeric plant and pretty much takes care of itself.


This plant mysteriously appeared in the garden last summer.  I truly do not remember planting it and haven’t a clue what it is. Anyone know?


It has this lacy, ferny foliage.


Gorgeous.  There are thousands of different irises.  I have just a few, but each one is a work of art.


They come in every hue and color.  I was looking at some in a catalog and some of their roots cost twenty and thirty dollars a piece.  I will stick with the less expensive ones.  They are just as pretty.  This one reminds me of a bright, beautiful sunset.


Who’s that I see wandering in my flower beds?


It’s my sweet Belle, here in her bed with her bear.  Such a spoiled pupper.

My grandchildren were here this past weekend and one of them still likes taking walks with me.  I told him to look down as we walk because I always am finding things.  Keys, balls, flags, tools, money.  Well, he spotted something as we walked.


He found this little screw driver laying by the side of the road.


He was very proud that he found something.  This grandson is walking with me this Saturday in a Color Blaze 5K.  You get splashed with colors after every mile you complete.  We have to wear white.  I am so looking forward to it.  I love walking 5Ks and  no, I don’t run.  I use to run years ago, but my joints won’t take it anymore.  DSCN7963


Have any of you seen this hose advertised on television?  Have any of you purchased one?  We bought one and I tried using it the other day and it squirted water all around the couplings.  It’s a piece of junk.  I might be able to use it as a jump rope.





Ah, the fairies are coming into my yard.  They sit on these toadstools every night. I never can catch them, but I know they are here.


The queen of the fairies sits here and reigns over her subjects.


I hope your day is bright and sunny.  I have this sign outside my shop.  My cousin was visiting one day and it was raining and he said my sign was wrong.  I told him it’s always bright and sunny here.  Hope it is where you are today.  Bye.



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