Like the phoenix which rose from the ashes, our new porch is rising from the ground up.  I am sitting here listening to the pounding of hammers and the pulling off of siding and then, sudden quiet.  What is going on?  I go out every so often and snap a picture and talk to Bub, the contractor, and then try to go about my business pretending there are not four or five men completely changing the appearance of my house.



Here it is before the beautiful, old pillars are taken down. David is pretending to push one over and it really is about to fall in this picture and I wish he was not standing so closely to it, but, boys will be boys.


Then they dug these gigantic holes(where my flowers use to be.)



They then put cement in them.  The pillars will rest on this foundation.  How firm a foundation.


The pillars were set in place and then the rafters were built.  I love to watch the process.  These men certainly know what they are doing.


Just a picture to show that the porch is going across the whole front of the house.  It looks gigantic in person.  More than I even expected.  They are making it so sturdy, it should last another one hundred years.



The rafters going up. Isn’t the sky so blue?  I am loving these Spring days.



The daffodils are blooming all over the yard.  Even the ones I had to transplant a few days ago are doing well.  All that rain we had for a couple of days helped them.  Thank you, God.


Maybe we shouldn’t put a roof over this.  Then we could see the sky.



I took this picture this morning just as the sun was coming up.  DSCN7690

Meanwhile, in other parts of the land, the sandbox is going to become a flower box.  I’m going to fill this with Miracle Grow planting soil and grow zinnias in it.



Bub’s old wheel barrow has seen a lot of mileage.  If you ever need remodeling done, Claude Wright, Jr. is the one to call.  He gets the job done in record time and his workmen do excellent work.  He built our addition to our house almost thirty years ago.  He was a young pup then, like us and it was one of his first projects.  It’s stood the test of time and he has replaced the windows so it will last another thirty years or more.


Just another view.  That’s a whirly-gig we bought at Rural King.  When the wind blows just right it spins like crazy.


We opened the hot tub last weekend and the grandkids enjoyed it.


Who is that scary looking man watching them?  Just David in his hoodie.


These are parts of the pillars we tore down.  I am going to paint these and use them to put pots of flowers upon.  Or to be grammatically correct, I will use them on which to put flower pots.


This one I will paint also and put dirt inside it and sow seeds. David said when we move this, we better put it where it will stay forever because it is heavy.


Before I go, just wanted to show you a cute pillowcase a friend made for me.  I love it.



She got this fabric at JoAnn’s and it is so cute.  Now I can dream of chickens on my chicken pillowcase.  Flowered chickens.

Here’s to builders, blue skies and blooming chickens.  Bye.

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