Wonderful Winter Week in Weview

I have to tell you something about this blog before you read it.  There is a picture that keeps showing up that I cannot get removed.  My husband tried also, but it is a ghost picture that refuses to be removed so when it crops up at the most inappropriate times, just ignore it.  Just think of it as the crazy uncle who came to dinner and never wanted to leave.  Okay, so here goes………

Even though it has been bitterly cold and even though it hurt to go outside for very long and even though you’d get frostbit if you spent much time outdoors, it was a pretty wonderful week.

I look back and see all the things I did and got done and I think it was a very productive week also.



Every year about this time I get the urge to knit something.  I got some yarn last week and began two projects.



This yarn is so yummy, but I can’t tell you what I am making because it will be a gift one day.  It has a wonderful texture and is knitting up so prettily.



I have had this pattern for a turban for too many years and decided to try making it.  All it is is knit 3, purl 3 on one row and purl 3, knit 3 on the next until it gets to be about twenty inches long.  Sew the ends together. Then I doubled it together and this is how it looks:



It is toasty warm and easy to get on and off.  In fact, I found myself wearing it all day when it was really cold to keep my head warm.




Here’s another view of it.  Yes, I need a haircut and color, but I haven’t wanted to get out to the beauty shop.  Maybe this month I will change my look completely again.



I baked eight little loaves of bread that was very good.  Sorry, it’s all gone now.



Because it was so cold and the labs were in the shop keeping warm, I moved the shop into the house.  I was working on several projects here.  Despite the fact I have three quilts I want to make for Christmas presents this year, I keep finding all these little projects taking my time.  But they are so much fun.


A pile of churn dash quilt blocks will become a new ironing board cover soon.



Because I now have all my pins and needles separated, I now have to have something to keep my needles in so I made these cute hand needle holders.


DSC_0408  This is what they look like when they are closed.

Because cabin fever was setting in, some friends and I and David decided to take a day out.  We drove to Indianapolis to see this sight first.


DSC_0408 A beautiful ice tree that some people had made in their back yard.   They just used twigs and water from hoses with water from a pond on their property and began making this.  It’s been a very good year for ice trees and this year it is very big and so beautiful.  Their family has been doing it for years, evidently, but this is the first year I had ever heard of it.  My friends didn’t know where we were going when we were driving there.  They thought we were going to a quilt shop and thought we were taking a very strange route.


Isn’t it a gorgeous sight?  The ice tree is pretty nice too!



I think it’s worth the drive if anyone wants to see it.  The family just enjoys the smiles it puts on people’s faces and we loved it.

We did manage to get to a couple of quilt shops.  I had found one I had never heard of before on the internet called Crimson Tate.  It’s a wonderful quilt shop full of the most luscious fabric you would ever want to see.  I had seen some fabric on their website that I was hoping they still had that I am going to use in a quilt and they still had it.  Dance a jig.



Rows of these gorgeous fabrics.  I wanted them all.


There was a wall of Love Indiana pillows.  Aren’t they cute?  I didn’t ask if they had a pattern for them. but they probably do.  They had so many cute patterns and if you like to sew clothes they have some dress patterns that are just darling.


Everywhere you looked there was something pretty or cute to see.  Wouldn’t this be a cute quilt for a baby?  Have I used the word cute enough?


There was this wonderful antique button display case(not for sale) as my husband quickly learned, but he sure liked it.  The owner of the shop was showing him some of her buttons.  Nice to have someone entertain your husband while you shop for fabric.  He likes to go into quilt shops since we use to own one and see what other shop owners are doing.


This is Heather, the owner.  A really sweet and nice person.  Visit her shop. It’s at 845 Massachusetts Avenue in Indianapolis.  You will love it and she didn’t even have to pay me to say this.  It’s true.  It was a fun day.  We ate at Chick-fil-A one of my favorite fast food places that we don’t have in our town so I don’t get it very often.  Then we went to the Back Door quilt shop where I got a whole armload of felt to make things(I don’t know what, yet, but I like to always have felt on hand when the creative ideas start to come.)

Here’s to quilt shops, ice trees and good friends to share them with.  Bye.





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