Am I Obsessive?

Obsess: to dominate or excessively preoccupy the thoughts, feelings or desires.

I believe I am rather obsessive.  I obsess about my grandchildren.  I obsess about my children.  I obsess about quilting.  I obsess about my chickens. I obsess about my two dogs.  I get on something and gnaw it like a bone.

Right now I am obsessed with knitting. Years ago and I do mean years, I knit a lot. I knit a little sailor suit for my oldest son and even changed colors and everything.  I knit a sweater with cables.  I knit baby caps and booties. I knit sweaters.  This was when I had three children and not nearly as much time as I do now. You see, I was obsessed with it and nothing could stop me.  But now, I am taking up knitting again and have found I have forgotten most of what I knew.  I have been watching internet knitting lessons.  Today I actually watched a woman knit a scarf on her arms.  Her arms!  She used really bulky yarn and the loops in the scarf were large and loose, but it was rather pretty.  Then I thought about trying it and wondered what would happen if right in the middle of the project I would get tired of it.  How would I save my work.  It’s on my arms!  What do I do with my arms.  Do I just keep the yarn on them as I go about my daily chores.  Yarn hanging down off my arms as I clean the chicken house or take a walk. Yarn dangling in the dish water as I do dishes.  If I do decide to try this one day, I will be sure I have plenty of time to finish it.  The video says it is a thirty minute scarf.  Okay.  Right.  It took the woman about ten minutes to show how to cast on the yarn onto her arm.

Anyway, today I went to Hobby Lobby.  I always ask myself every time I go there why I don’t go there more often and why I keep trying to find craft items at Wal-mart when just down the street is a store that has everything for crafts.  Why, why,why?  I don’t know.  I just know that every time I go into Hobby Lobby I get this whole crafty feeling and I think I could make anything.  Today I was in the yarn aisle. Omigosh, the beauty.  I started to grab skeins of yarn.  I had told David we didn’t need a cart and he went off to look at other things and there I was with an armload of yarn and knitting needles and I had to go to the bathroom!   So I began to  race down the aisles to find David to hold my yarn, but I couldn’t find him so I finally had to just lay it all down on a shelf and hope it would still be there when I got back.  It was and as soon as I came out the restroom, David was standing right there.  And he wanted to show me all the wonderful things he had found.

He had been looking at the stained glass making aisle.  There were all colors of glass and all the tools needed to make a stained glass project.  I said, “you need a hobby,” and he said it was too expensive and I said, “how much do you think we spend on my hobbies?”  Whoops, shouldn’t have reminded him.  I think making stained glass would be a great hobby for him.  We bought a stained glass picture of birds to put in our new window that is going to be put in this Spring and it was not cheap. I told David about all the money he would have saved if he could have made it.

Then he showed me the aisle where they sold all kinds of door knobs and handles.  We have looked and looked at Lowes for a certain handle we wanted for our kitchen window and could never find one.  We believe we have found one at Hobby Lobby, but we will have to do some measuring.

When we got home I could not wait to try knitting one particular yarn I got and I love how it is turning out.  It’s got a wonderful texture and is knitting up nicely into a scarf which will be a gift one day.  I will have to show you the yarn I got on my next post.

Here in our neck of the woods it is cold.  A real frigid weather system is locked on us right now.  The chickens have heat in their house and the dogs sleep in my heated shop at night.  They are beginning to feel spoiled as this is the first winter they have had the luxury of sleeping inside.  Now they feel entitled and look at me funny when I don’t let them in.  I am not use to dog hair in my shop and as soon as it warms up, out they go.  And don’t feel sorry for them.  They have a nice, warm doghouse and have a double layer of fur, so unless it is really cold like it is now, they are perfectly comfortable.

I have about five or six projects now that I am juggling.  In a couple of weeks I am starting a Bible study in my home so I will have to do some extra cleaning which is probably a good thing because when I am working on projects I have a one track mind. Obsessive, don’t you know.

Obsessive. Don’t act as if it’s a bad thing.  Bye.
























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