What happened to Thanksgiving?

I love Thanksgiving.  I love my family gathering around the table to eat a feast that I have spent days preparing.  After gorging ourselves we then gather around the table to play games. Right now Dizzios is the game of choice.

I don’t like stores being open on Thanksgiving.  We Americans need at least one day when we are not out shopping.  A time to reflect on our lives and thank God for all our blessings and we surely have a lot of blessings in this country.  Do stores really need those extra dollars they make on Thanksgiving?  Do people really need to be shopping every single day of the year?

Maybe some just love shopping so much they cannot go one day without doing so.  When I see the crowds pushing and shoving on television, I wonder what is so important that you would push other people aside to get it?  I cannot think of a single thing that is that important to me.  People are what is important to me. If I have to fight for something to get it, then I don’t want it.    Someone else can have it.

Now I will step gingerly off my soapbox and tell you what we did this Thanksgiving.

First, I prepared for the day.


I hung up my Thanksgiving towel I had embroidered.


I made good homemade noodles from my eggs from my beautiful, free range, healthy chooks.



I set the table with my Americana Pfaltzgraf dinnerwear.  Did I spell Pfaltzgraf properly?    They don’t make the Americana line any longer.  The plates sell for thirty-five dollars a piece now.  I can tell you I bought them for a lot less when they came out.  I also used my mother’s hobnail glassware which is not in this picture.  We used it on special occasions when I was a girl.


I love holiday napkins.  I have quite a collection of them from several years buying them.  Why don’t I use them up?  They are too pretty for every day use, that’s why.



My Jim Shore Thanksgiving angel was the centerpiece.  I love her.  I love all of Jim Shore’s things.  They all have a quilt pattern on them.


I got to hug these two boys a lot and play games with them.  Wish my other grandchildren could have been with us.



We prayed.  We ate.  The chickens ate potato peelings so they were thankful, too!

By the way.  A friend saw something that reminded her of me.  What was it???



Gummy chicken feet.



And gummy chicken eggs.  If a friend is reminded of me when she sees gummy chicken feet and gummy chicken eggs, then all’s right with the world with me.

Then the day after Thanksgiving we jumped feet first into the Christmas season.  I know, the stores have been trying to get us into the Christmas season earlier every year, but at our house Christmas season does not start until after Thanksgiving.



I got out our Christmas pillows.





I have way more pillows than I have room to put them.  I love making pillows. I made that big I believe Santa pillow from a t-shirt I bought at Target.  That curve at the top fits your neck very nicely and it is so comfortable.


I have a small collection of snowmen and put them on the dining table.



A collection of Santas on the pie safe in our entryway.

I have a nativity scene by Jim Shore I will have to blog about separately.



Love the rustic look of this Santa.



This is one of my favorites.


Haven’t got our real tree up yet, but put this ceramic tree in the living room.  When I babysat years ago, one of the mothers gave me this for Christmas.  I still love it and put it out every year.


And of course, quilts on the back of all the chairs.  This is my chair with my blankets and a quilt I am working on right now.  I can settle in for the night here and be very comfortable and happy.  Then we decorated my shop, but that will be for another day.  Bye.




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