A Book, a Salad and the Chooks


What does one do with this bounty of cucumbers?  By the way, see the egg?  Anyway, I have been picking nine or ten cucumbers out of the garden every day for about two weeks now.  Yesterday I picked fifteen.  So I took several of them to church this morning to give away and I made this salad.


Found the recipe on my facebook page the other day and tried it.  It has cucumbers, onions and tomatoes mixed with oil, water, sugar, salt and pepper.  It is so good, but I have got to watch how much I eat of it because it doesn’t agree with me if you know what I mean.

Even then, I still have cucumbers going bad and the chicks can only be allowed to eat so many.  Might interfere with their egg production.


The eggs they are laying right now are little.  Next to this quarter is one.  Kind of like your first baby is small and then the rest get progressively bigger although my children went the opposite way.    They have only been laying a week and I think only two or three are laying at this minute.  I am hoping some big eggs will start showing up.  Heaven knows I have been feeding the girls very well.


They are all this color.



Here they are next to large size store bought eggs.  I think tomorrow we are going to scramble some.  They are perfect little eggs, just not very big yet.


Had to show you three of my able bodied chicks are roosting on the handicap roost.  Shouldn’t they be fined???  Freedom still sits underneath.  I have to tell you she has been walking normally now for a week or so. Her foot isn’t curling under and she keeps up with the rest so I think we got her over whatever was ailing her.  Funny thing is, with all the attention I gave her and held her so much and handfed her when she was crippled,  she acts the most scared of me than any of the other chicks.  Guess she’s like a teen-ager and has to prove she can get along without me.

Now I have to tell you about a wonderful book I received in the mail last week.  I ordered it months ago and have been looking forward to getting it and I was not disappointed.


The day it arrived in the mail, I put it aside until I knew I would have time to sit down and really look at it.  That wasn’t until I went to bed that night and I read half of it before I went to sleep.  I will show you what it is and tell you about its author in my next post.  You may want to get this book if you are at all interested in England or of traveling to England.  Here’s to salads, chicken eggs and wonderful books.  Bye.



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