Pretty in Pink

Every Spring our front garden is amass with pink blooms. One year I almost forgot to look out my front door and see it and it surprised me so much so that now I make sure I look at my front garden every year. Because we spend so much time outside in our back yard, our front garden gets forgotten at times.

But, not this year. I watched for the blooms.

This is the azalea that was full of blooms this year.

This is the crabapple that never disappoints. It just doesn’t last long enough. You can see this tree from about a mile away as we drive toward our house.

The redbuds in Indiana are always so pretty. They grow in the wild as well as in gardens, but this one is right by our front walk. I planted it from a tiny sprout that came up in our back yard one year.

We have two magnolias. These kinds bloom more than once a year, but they are at their prettiest in the Spring. When we were having our front porch built a few years ago, I made sure the contractor knew this tree was not to be harmed in any way, so they were very careful around it even though it stands right by the porch now.

The Weeping Cherry that looks like its blossoms are white in this picture, but they were really a very pretty pink.

We made a trip to our favorite nursery and bought these pansies. I seem to always drift toward plants with pink flowers. I do love the color pink. By the way, this nursery that has supplied us with so many beautiful flowers through the years will be closing for good after this season which makes me very sad. But the lady who runs it is going to be taking care of her father-in-law because of his health issues. I understand and believe she is doing the right thing, but I sure will miss her nursery. So we will have to look for a new nursery next year. Lowes did have a wonderful selection of flowers this year.

This is the view from our back door. I am trying to get our back yard filled with flowering trees and bushes We have a little cherry tree in the back that was planted there by the birds from a cherry tree in our neighbor’s yard. It has cherries on it every year that I feed to our chickens.

We have lilac bushes, but this is our neighbor’s bush just loaded with flowers from top to bottom. We could smell these while sitting on our back porch.

This was our two year old Amarylis(not sure I spelled that right) that had huge blossoms on it. We have another one that is starting to grow blooms. I didn’t know they bloom every year. I did nothing special to them. In fact, they weren’t watered for a few months before I noticed they were growing flowers again. Sometimes I think the more you don’t do to a plant the better it performs. We overwater our plants many times and don’t have them in the correct sunlight or shade that they need.

We did have a few lilac bouquets in our house. This is the first year our white lilac had so many flowers on it. Our neighbor cut down a tree by our property line last year which gave the lilac more sunlight, so I’m sure that’s why it did so well this year.

I’ve been preparing my annual beds for zinnias, cosmos, dame’s rocket and other flowers. I’m doing raised beds and pots again this year and a good friend made me a wonderful planter that I will use for the first time this year. I’ve already got the flowers I am going to plant in it. Our Spring has been so wet, windy and cold most days it looks like a late planting time this year. Our frost time supposedly ends May 10, but I’m going to be careful not to plant too early.

But it hasn’t been all flowers, flowers, flowers. I’ve been knitting a very long scarf and when I get it done I will knit a hat to match it. They will probably be Christmas gifts. I am loving knitting things other than socks although I will still knit socks on occasion. I sewed some new kitchen curtains I’ll try to show you next time. And…. I baked bread.

Forty some years ago when our sons were in grade school, the parents got together and made a recipe book. Everyone contributed a recipe or recipes. I found the book this week and made some delicious cinnamon bread and rolls from a recipe I used a lot in years past.

I went a little overboard on the icing although I got no complaints from David.

I’m not saying these were delicious, but they weren’t out of the oven long before two were eaten. And, yes, they are as good as they look. Wish you could smell them.

Here’s to pink flowers and warm, baked bread. May we all have a little of each. Bye.

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