Almost Here

The day of my Christmas sale is almost here. I’ve been working and dreaming of the day for an entire year. Right after last Christmas I started sewing things for it and have sewn almost every single day since until this past week when it was time to set up my shop for the sale. Here are some views of my shop.

Ready for the big day. In other news…..

We spent Thanksgiving with some family and then went to our daughter’s house for some games. I took my camera with every intention of taking pictures of my grandsons but…..

Miss LIly stuck her nose into my face and then I only took pictures of the dogs!
What is wrong with me! I didn’t get one picture of the boys. But we did have fun playing a game and had a nice time with them. The oldest one just got his learner’s permit. Pretty soon all my grandchildren will be driving and I will have more to worry about. You never stop thinking and worrying about your children and grandchildren, no matter how old they get.

I’m looking forward to Saturday and my sale. I had two dreams. One, nobody showed up for the sale and I sat there all day by myself. The other dream I had there were so many people showing up they would not fit into my shop and they were lined up all down the street. Let’s hope it’s a happy medium between these two dreams! Bye.

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