No Pictures so Use Your Imagination!

I really wish I could show you some of the things I am making for my Christmas Sale on December 3rd. I know that date seems really far away, but it will get here before I know it and I have tons of things to do to get my shop ready. Mainly, it needs a good cleaning. Having the dogs in there with me this year has made it a little more furrier than I would like and I have been cleaning up where their pens are kept. I really wish I had the time and the energy to paint all the walls again, but that’s not going to happen.

I’ve been posting the little church people I have been making on Facebook and they have been received very well by some people. They really are so cute with their own little quilt or afghan and a roll up container made of fabric to keep them in. I’ve made five of them so far and may make more as they are so much fun and I really think anyone with a small child would love to have these for him or her to play with.

I made a small quilt the last couple of days. I keep telling myself I have enough stuff to sell, but I keep getting ideas and I have so much beautiful Christmas fabric, it just has to be used. I ordered red and white striped ticking way back in May or June and I finally got it this week and oh, do I love it and see so many things that can be made with it. I wish I could show you all the Christmas stockings I have made and the cutest little patchwork kitties. I loved making those so much, the last time I counted them I had made forty!

I do try to get outside often and play with the pups. They love me shooting their rubber ball and going after it. Most times Lucy is the one who gets it because she is the athlete, but Molly and Sugar give her a good run for the money. I really believe Lucy would fetch all day if I sat out there and shot her the ball.

David has been doing very well since his surgery. They keep asking him at the doctor’s office if he has any pain or is taking any pain medicine and he tells them “No,” which seems to surprise them. He really hasn’t been in that much pain. He’s doing exercises the PT gave him and he is talking about going back to work. They told him he could stand around and tell the other employees how to fold the clothes(He works at Ralph Lauren’s Polo store.) He’s been there since the store opened and is the last remaining employee who was hired there so he knows pretty much everything there is to know about the store. He started out taking out the trash, moved up to asst’ manager and was manager for a short while, but he did not like the demand that took on his time. He is retired, after all! Now he works only three days a week which is plenty. He is itching to get back, but I really hope he will stay home for a couple of months to ensure his shoulder is healing properly. But if the doctor tells him he can go back to work, I won’t be able to stop him.

I am saving money to get our house painted orange. I know, that sounds ghastly, but there is a house in Bloomington painted a rusty orange with deep spruce colored trim and it is beautiful Besides, I told David we would be the only house in our town that is painted orange. I keep working on him and I tell him it won’t happen for a couple of years. I think he hopes I will get out of the notion, but I know I won’t. Check out orange houses online. There are many beautiful ones. So unique. No white house for this girl. I may paint a birdhouse the colors I want to see how it looks. Also, we have a bay window with a roof and I want to have the roof replaced with copper. I can see it in my mind and think it would be a knock out house. I never stop dreaming even though I can’t do as much as I use to do. No matter how old you get, NEVER stop dreaming.

Hope you have some dreams and that some of them come true. Bye.

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