Summer Days

I really wish I could post pictures here, but something has gone wrong with my blog and I cannot figure how to put pictures on it right now so you will just have to read and try to picture things.

My garden is in full bloom. My little raised bed garden is actually prettier than any of my other gardens because it gets more attention. Everything is in bloom. The tomatoes are setting on and some are almost ready to be picked. I have had fried green tomatoes twice already and have pretty much had my fill of them this year. I’m going to try to put some pictures on my Facebook page so if you are my friend you can see the flowers that are in bloom. Cosmos, zinnias, nasturtiums, geraniums and others are looking so pretty.

I have some news about David’s and my health. Remember last winter David slipped and fell while taking care of the chickens? He’s been going to the doctor ever since and finally the doctor decided maybe he needed surgery to repair the damage. He may have even torn a muscle loose, but they won’t know until they get in there and see. He will be off work for five to six weeks best case and up to twelve weeks, worst case. Let’s hope and pray for best case. We are stocking up on feed for all the animals as I cannot load those big bags myself. He goes in for surgery August 4th.

I have had some bad news about my eyes. When I was in my twenties, I had ocular histoplasmosis which was in the center of my left eye. I had to have shots in my eye for several months to stop the bleeding. I lost the central vision in that eye. Well, the last time I was at my eye doctor, the one who lasered my retina back, discovered I had histo in my right eye. He said the good news was we caught it early and it was not in the central vision of my eye. I still worry about it, but I had one shot in that eye and will have to go get several more in the next months. Praying that this will save the sight in my right eye. I really don’t know what I would do if I lost my vision and could not quilt, knit or read. I’m counting on my doctor to take care of it for me and praying to God that He will give the doctor the knowledge to know how to treat it. If you who are reading this and are a praying person, please send a prayer up for David and me as we go through this trial.

Onto more pleasant things. We have been noticing that our black Lab, Sugar, always seems to be wet. We never see her in the pool where she knows not to go and there is never any wet places to show she has been in the pool. Today David went outside and went around the corner to the pool and Sugar was in the pool. When she saw him, she immediately got out. Caught red handed! Or red paws! None of our other dogs show any interest in getting in. So now we know the mystery of why Sugar is always wet. She’s sneaking in swims when we aren’t looking!

I have been working every day on things to sell at my Christmas sale I am still planning on having December 3rd. I have made hundreds of things and still have ideas for more. I really am enjoying myself. I go out in my shop every single day and work on something. If I ever can get pictures here on my blog, I will post some pictures of my creations.

David and I celebrated our 54th wedding anniversary on July 7th. Three days after that our granddaughter and her husband celebrated their first anniversary. I could tell her it doesn’t really seem that long ago when David and I were celebrating our first and we already had a tiny baby. And she will wake up one day and she and her husband will be celebrating their 50th anniversary wondering where the time went. When you are in a happy marriage, the time seems to fly. There are not enough years.

A while back David noticed that in the crawl space in our basement it looked like a den had been built so he figured a woodchuck had gotten in via under our porch which leads into our basement and it was setting up housekeeping. So, he set a trap. Guess what he caught? It wasn’t a skunk which we had to have removed this Spring. He caught a baby possusm. So he took it a few miles away and let it loose. Then he set the trap again. By the way, it seems possums like apples. He caught another baby possum. Off it went to where he took the last one. Well, five possums later and he thinks he has got them all. Meanwhile, out in our yard the dogs have caught two possums. Lucy came carrying one to me the other day. I don’t know if it was dead or playing possum. I don’t know where they all are coming from, but they seem to like it around our house. I don’t leave any food out, so that is not the draw. I have nothing against possums. They are actually very nice creatures. Just don’t want them in my house!

Speaking of creatures. I was upstairs and I came out of our bedroom and thought I saw a big piece of lint on the floor and started to pick it up and noticed it was a baby bat! I ran and got a waste basket and put over it until David got home. He took it outside. We don’t know how it got in. We have had adult bats in the house that came in through our fireplace, but we have it covered right now so it’s a mystery how the baby got in. For your information, baby bats are kind of cute.

Something is always going on around here. Never a dull moment. Hope your Summer(or Winter) is going well. Bye.

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  1. Julia

    Happy belated wedding anniversary to you and your husband! I will be praying for both of you. I pray that God will heal your eye, that your vision will not be lost but fully restored and that David will have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. Take care.


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