She Fooled Me

Freedom fooled me today.  I go out to the chicken coop every day and check on feed and water.  I opened the door and saw Phoebe standing there so I started looking for Freedom. Phoebe is the chicken that usually freaks out when she sees me.  She peeks around the chicken house whenever I am in their yard so I was surprised she just stood there looking at me. Freedom wasn’t in the house.  I searched all around the yard and then back in the house and could not find her.  I was beginning to think a hawk had gotten her.  I went back into the house and suddenly, I realized it wasn’t Phoebe standing there as nice as you please, but Freedom. She looked just like Phoebe.  They can play the twin trick on me now since they are identical.  Poly-visol has done wonders for that bird.

Also today I heard a lot of cackling coming from the yard and thought maybe, just maybe there would be an egg.  I looked everywhere, but none yet.  Really, I am getting obsessed in finding that first egg.  Considering it will cost about one hundred dollars, it should really be a delicious egg.   Believe me there will be flags flying, fireworks and a parade when I find my very first organic egg.  That’s all for today. Bye.


 Headless chicken grows in head backwards.

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