Summer Beauty and an Angel in the Hottub

You know a few weeks ago I wrote about the vast wasteland in my backyard where it looked so barren and ugly?  Well, a few weeks have worked a miracle and the perennials are busting out all over and it isn’t even June.






Wait a minute.  Do I see an animal in my flower bed?   Who could it be?



It’s Belle, Mom. I would never get in your flower bed.  Bonnie has a short term memory because she has already forgotten all the flowers she and Belle dug up a few days ago including a brand new clematis that I had surrounded with fencing that they tore out by the roots.  They were in the literal dog house that day.  They like to dig for moles and they are good molers, but they can destroy a flower bed pretty quickly.  Bonnie shows no remorse.

Oh well, that is what you get when you keep dogs that like to dig and allow them the run of the yard.  If I could just teach them to dig up the garden before I planted it because they do till the soil rather well.

David and I went to the pool place the other day to buy one bottle of algaecide and we came out with a hot tub.  Really.  Shopping together is dangerous to our wealth.  We have looked at hot tubs through the years and talked about how nice one would be for our aches and pains, but we always put it out of our minds.  We may have been out of our minds that day, but we now have a hot tub sitting on our patio and I must say David is using it a lot and says it is really helping his arthritis.

The grandkids came to try the hot tub.


They really enjoyed it. And then I saw an angel in our hot tub.


A sweet face appeared in the bubbles.


Turned out it was this handsome lad.  Here’s to flowers, angels and hot tubs.  Bye.

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