I’m Pretty Much Finished

I don’t know about you or how you are looking at this quarantine business, but I’ve quite had about enough of it.   Every day you hear something different about the virus and about the vaccine that is supposed to be the cure all, end all.  Stores now demand  people wear masks and have arrows on the floor telling us which way we should go.  I don’t see people following the rules very well and I don’t blame them.  I will not take the vaccine if or when it finally is produced. Who knows what the vaccine will do to our bodies years from now?  But that is me. You do what you feel is best for you.   I would love to travel somewhere, but every state and every city seems to have different rules concerning the virus.  One state has told its police to stop vehicles from other states and checking people inside them for the virus. Does this sound like a free country to you?  The swine flu did not cause all this panic and more people died from it.

So we are trying to live our lives as normally as we can. We attended our oldest grandson’s graduation party. No one wore masks and we were not socially distancing and it was wonderful. I hugged several people and here I am two weeks later and do not have any symptoms of the virus.

So proud to see him walk up and get his diploma.  He goes to college tomorrow.

A lot of people came to his party.  It was outside and it was a beautiful day.

We enjoyed visiting with family. Our granddaughter will be going back to college soon.

Five more years and we will be going to this boy’s graduation. At least I hope the virus scare is gone by then so we can attend it.


Some people at the party had just bought this Jeep. David and I have been looking at Jeeps for a while but we’ve never ridden in one so the lady who owned this took us a little ride.  It is not the easiest vehicle to get into if you are short like me, but I loved riding in it.  I told David if we get one I will have to carry a step stool with me to get in. The new 2021 Jeeps are out now and the new colors are so pretty.  So hopefully, in the near future we will be getting a new Jeep.

Did I show you the pictures I painted by number?  This one turned out pretty well.

This is what it was supposed to look like and I think I got pretty close to it.

I really enjoyed painting this. And I did another one.

It was supposed to look like this and see what you think….

David ordered some frames to stretch these on. I plan to do several floral paintings and hang them on the wall of the bedroom we painted this Spring.  It’s a wonderful hobby. Very relaxing and you have a pretty picture when you are finished. There are a lot of flower kits you can order if you are so inclined.

I have another one to paint, but I’ve been working on six quilts.  I had to choose what I wanted to spend my time on and the quilts take top priority right now.  I can’t show them, though, because they are going to be gifts one day.   I gave our grandson a quilt for his graduation and wouldn’t you know, I forgot to take a picture of it!   I’m hoping I can get a picture from him.

Well, it appears the election will be heating up now that Biden has chosen his VP.  It’s going to be a very interesting campaign. Will Biden dare to debate President Trump?  That is the question.  I don’t think he can get out of it if he wants the respect of the people.  I love elections and campaigns.   We all have a lot to think about this time.  Do we want our cities shut down forever?   Do we want the police defunded or do we vote for safety?   There are so many things to think about as November comes closer.  I may not agree with how you vote, but you should vote. It’s the only way we can remain a free people if we get to choose our leaders.  I’ve voted for both parties at one time or other and in no way do I believe I made the right choice in some cases and it others I know I made the right choice.  So let’s not fight or argue, but let’s all get out and vote.

Summer is winding down. We’ve had the prettiest flowers and tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden.   Fresh tomatoes are so good and taste so much better than what you get at the supermarket.   I’ve been making cucumber, onion and tomato salad and it is so good.  I’m going to eat some right now.

Hope your Summer is going well and that things will be getting back to normal before too much longer. Bye.


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