Still Looking For a Puppy

I told you a while back we were first in line to choose a Lab puppy from a litter that was to be born soon.  Well, sad news, the puppies didn’t make it and the only one that survived the birth, died so we are looking once again. It seems that Labrador Retrievers are in great demand right now.  David called a breeder in Southern Indiana who had a litter of very young puppies and they were already all spoken for. He  said we could put our name in for a litter in the Spring, but we didn’t.   I love Labrador Retrievers. They are the sweetest dogs, good with children and easy to train.   They are very loyal too.  Even though Molly is only half Lab, she has the temperament of a full blooded Lab.   But she also is a lot like a Boxer too.   So we will continue looking for a Labrador and maybe get one next Spring.

In other news, we continue to  live in a quarantined world.  We went to a restaurant last night that we had eaten in just a few weeks ago and it was again closed. Then we went to another restaurant where we waited a half hour to be seated and almost another hour to get our food.  When the waitress gave us our bill she told us she had forgotten to put our order into the kitchen which is why we waited so long and she didn’t charge us for the meal!   So I told David to leave her a very substantial tip for being honest.  The meal was good.

I’m so glad I’m a homebody who really is not bothered having to stay home as I seem to have plenty of things to do. I’ve been finishing quilts and paintings and socks with regularity which is good.  I will have all my Christmas presents completed before too long.  We do go to church every Sunday and see our friends there. A lot of people still aren’t coming because of the virus, though, which I don’t blame them.  Our grandsons are having classes at home on the computer and even music lessons, too.  I feel sorry that they can’t be with their friends in class, but they seem to be adjusting well.  What will we think when we look back at this time?  It seems there is no rhyme nor reason to what is closed down and what is allowed to be open, where you have to wear masks and where you don’t have to.  It’s rather frustrating sometimes having to wear a mask in a place where you are already social distanced.

I am daily entertained by my chickens. The young ones are just on the verge of beginning to lay and when they do, we will be getting two or three dozen eggs every week.  I give away a lot of our eggs. I’ve been giving them to a friend at church and the other day she sent David and me a gift certificate to Cracker Barrel. I told her we owed her twelve dozen more eggs now!  She just laughed.   I do love giving the eggs away, though. Fresh eggs from free range chickens are the best, I think.

I’ve been reading some very good books on my Kindle. I have Kindle Unlimited and there are a lot of good books on there and they are free with a monthly membership.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever purchased and you can quit any time, but I don’t have any intention of stopping because there are hundreds of good books on there just waiting to be read.  I have several favorite authors, but I’m reading one by Amanda Prowse that is so good. I use to love to read scary books. I just read one by Dean Koontz that was really weird, but exciting about a dog that could communicate with people and other dogs and the people who were trying to destroy it. It wasn’t too scary, but I have read books by him that made me want to look under my bed at night!  One year when we took a trip out west with our daughter, she and I would scare each other reading scary books to each other.  It seems life is too scary on its own anymore to want to be scared by a book.

Speaking of scary, are you watching the riots and looting in the name of “protesting,” on your tvs?   I can’t believe people are getting away with the things they are doing, burning businesses down, attacking the police, hitting old people and just being all around bad people.   I don’t see any reason for it at all and I’m praying it will be stopped before more people die.  We all need to pray for our country and the safety of everyone.

I hope and pray you all are safe and snug in your homes and finding things to do that give you enjoyment. We will get through all this and I pray this country will be better for it all.

There will be pictures next time.  I’ve been kind of lazy lately and just want to work on my hobbies and read.  Once in a while I’ll clean house, but it’s not high on my list right now. I told David I would love to hire someone to clean the entire house upstairs and down. It’s never been completely cleaned like that.  Usually I get one or two rooms cleaned a week and by the next week, they need it again!    And there is only two of us living here and one of them is gone most of the day and the other one isn’t all that messy so I don’t know where the dirt comes from.  I read an article once that said the dust under our beds could have the skin particles of Moses in it because dust and dirt never disappear, it just moves around the earth. So I think I’ll clean Moses out from under my bed this week!  Bye.



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