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It’s Been So Long

Sometimes it seems the days become a blur and I forget how long it’s bee since I wrote anything here. Spring has proven to be a very busy time around our house. I don’t even know where to begin and I don’t have a lot of pictures ready to show you.

First of all, we had a very beautiful Spring that is now almost over. The meadow we are growing in our back yard is getting more lush all the time. Last year we planted a lot of different grass seed and wild flowers. This year Dame’s Rocket and sunflowers are coming up all over. We had Iris, peonies, daffodils, snowball bushes, and ornamental trees blooming all at once it seemed. We have this bush with little blue flowers all over it and I’m not sure what it is. I think it is another Vibernum, relative to the snowball bush.

I managed to start some tomatoes in an old dog treat bucket. These plants are now growing stronger and larger in a larger container. Hope I will have some tomatoes before too long.

Just a few of the flowers I put in my flower boxes.

A few months ago I was browsing through Facebook when I came upon this information about greenhouses. A company called Yoderbilt had pictures of beautiful greenhouses full of flowers or decorated for Christmas and I fell in love. I have wanted a greenhouse for a long time. Decades, perhaps and I decided this was the year and this was the greenhouse I wanted. So I started the process of reading all about these particular greenhouses. They are on Youtube with different things about their greenhouses, how to plant things in them, etc. I read and watched all I could about them. I also read as many reviews about them I could find and I could not find one bad review about them. People would post pictures of their greenhouse being delivered or their greenhouse full of plants or their greenhouse decorated as a She shed. I was smitten. Then I had to decide what all I wanted included in my greenhouse. I would need a table to plant things on. Check. I would need electricity so I could have lights and could decorate my greenhouse at Christmas. Check. They were also offering a free shelf if you ordered at a certain time. Check. I wrote it all down. I E-mailed the company for information. I was contacted almost immediately. Then, one day, while I was sleeping, a member of their team called our home and David answered and he ordered a greenhouse for me. He found my sheet of paper that had all that I wanted in the greenhouse and he told the lady on the phone what I wanted. He told her if he was wrong, I would be calling back, but he got it all right and I was so excited. Christmas! It felt just like that as I waited for it to be delivered. They have free delivery to certain parts of the states and fortunately we are in one of the free delivery zones. We set May 9 thru 14 as the possible delivery dates and they would call us for the exact date when it was almost here. They even called me when my greenhouse was built. It is a great company.

So while I was waiting, I ordered seeds and I ordered more seeds and then because I didn’t think I had enough, I ordered more seeds. Let’s just say my seed cup runneth over! I ordered half pounds of certain seeds. So while we were waiting, I started sowing some of the seeds outside wherever I could find a place. I have seeds planted everywhere. And I still had plenty to grow in the greenhouse. More than enough. It should be really pretty around our house in a few months.

So the day finally came when my greenhouse was to arrive. They set the time and David and I sat out on my shop’s front porch swing and watched for it. When the Yoderbilt truck pulled up I screamed.

Back of the truck was a big trailer with three greenhouses on it.

Mine was the one in back, of course. My greenhouse!!! Yay!

David directed traffic while the delivery man got the greenhouse on a lift and brought it across the road. Thankfully, there wasn’t much traffic at the time. Sometimes our road gets busy when work lets out.

Here came my greenhouse down our drive. As you can see, there is not a whole lot of room. It was amazing to watch this guy move that greenhouse into position.

He got the greenhouse turned around in a very small space and set it down exactly on the cement pads David has put down and leveled. It sat down perfectly. I will have to show you the green house all settled with flowers around it later. I am planting planters and pots full of flowers for the outside. Then I will start more seedlings inside for later in the year. I made a lot of work for David and myself by getting this greenhouse, but I am loving every minute of it.

This Spring brought graduations. We had three grandsons graduating. Two from high school and one from Taylor University. We made it to two of the graduations, plus we had a graduation dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and a breakfast with a few of our grandchildren at the House of Pancakes. My favorite place to eat. I don’t know if my body is built to sit so long on hard wooden chairs. My legs were so sore after this week so I am hoping the pain will go away soon. I told David we need to get some of those padded things you put on chairs or bleachers if we can make it through anymore graduations. We still have two grandsons in high school who will graduate int he next few years. Cannot believe all the babies have grown up, but there you are. It happens overnight, almost.

This is where we ate a really good Italian dinner with the graduates, their girlfriends, their Dad and his wife, and their sister, brother-in-law, and cousins, aunt and uncle. You ordered either a large or a small order of whatever you wanted to eat. Several shared as the orders were so large. They brought out three huge plates of garlic bread and a huge Caesar Salad and Large bowls of different pastas. It was all delicious. It was served family style and you could have seconds if you wanted and there were still boxes and boxes of leftovers left to take home. We had a nice time and it was fun to be with many of our grandchildren and their girlfriends.

Our granddaughter and her husband. They are the cutest couple and fun to be around.

Our oldest grandson and his beautiful girlfriend. I must refrain from saying anything as he reads my blog! But Grandma can dream. If you know what I mean.

His brother who graduated from high school and will attend Taylor University this Fall. His sweet, pretty girlfriend. I see David and I a lot in them as we were smitten with each other when we were their age, too. Still are. Look at those smiles.

Cousins and the next one to graduate. I am not prejudice, but I do have the most handsome grandsons on earth and they all are so nice and gentlemanly. Around me, at least. Their parents are doing something right for sure.

Next was the House of Pancakes. One of my most favorite places to eat. We have eaten there several times through the years of visiting grandchildren.

The usual suspects. He has a good job waiting right out of college. He is looking to move into an apartment with a couple of friends. She is going to continue her schooling.

Two brothers and their big sister. How short a time ago it seems they were all little. We had a nice time visiting, but it was time for us to go home. There was another party that afternoon, but David and I were worn out. We’re old! We can’t party like it’s the sixties any longer! But it was a fun and busy week.

Now onto the next thing. We are getting our house painted. The painters have been caulking, repairing places in the wood and around the windows and preparing the surface for the paint. I cholse a beautiful shade of green, but its name is awful Brackish Water. Sounds really ugly, doesn’t it? But it is so pretty and the rust color I had chosen turned out to be a very pretty orange. Exactly the color I was hoping for but just could not seem to find in a paint chip. I don’t know how it turned out. Serendipity, I guess. That happens to me once in a while. I have painted barn quilts that will go perfectly with the colors and I can’t wait to see them on the house.

this is close to the color of the house and trim. A long time ago I really wanted an orange house with green trim, but David could not get on board with that, but I am perfectly happy with these colors. For so long we have lived in the brown house with green trim. It will take us a while to get use to the green house with orange trim.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. David has to work. I plan on sleeping in, reading, maybe planting some seeds and doing laundry, but not in that order or however I feel. Remember those who died to keep our country free. So many young men and women have lost their lives to protect us or other countries and many come back with severe handicaps. God bless them all and I give thanks and prayers for those who gave their lives. Some day there will be no more wars and I am looking forward to it. Bye.