Daily Archives: January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday

I met my husband when I was sixteen years old.   We have been together ever since. Actually, I met him when I was twelve years old, but that’s another story.  We both knew we would get married one day, but it was three years later until we could wed.  My mother wanted me to go to college at least for a year before I got married, so I did that for her and it was a nice experience, but what I really wanted to be was married and to raise a family.  I know in this day of women in the work place and families seeming to take a back seat to  many,  I still believe I did the right thing.

David and I got married right in the middle of the women’s liberation movement when the ERA was being pushed and some  believing that women should serve beside men in the military.  That is actually one thing I wish I had done when I was younger.  Join the military when David did so that we could have shared the experience together.  He keeps telling me I would have hated it, but I am not so sure.   He served for thirty-six years and was away from home at least two weeks out of every one of those years, plus we could never plan anything on weekends until we knew when he would be having drill.  It was just a part of life.   Our daughter even had to change the date she wanted for her marriage because her father had drill that weekend.

Speaking of the ERA, it was a time when everywhere a woman went she was asked, “what do you do?”  As if being a homemaker and raising your own children wasn’t enough.  I was often made to feel inferior because I did not work outside the home.  Of course, later when my children were almost grown, I did work in our store, I cleaned our church and even worked in a pizza shop for a short time, but my main interest was my home.  It still is.  To make a comfortable, welcoming home has always been important for me.

But this isn’t about me today.  It is David’s birthday.  Yesterday we ate out with our daughter’s family and had cake and ice cream.  Today David is doing just what he wants.  And what is he doing?  Cleaning his office and doing taxes.  What???  Not my idea of fun, but, oh, well.

I cannot believe the time has gone so quickly.  We have shared many birthdays together since that first year of dating.  David gave me a surprise birthday party at his grandparents’ house for my seventeenth birthday.  How nice was that?

I can never surprise David, it seems, but I will one day and when I do, it will be a doozy.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, darling, wonderful husband.  May you have many more.  Love you to pieces.

Tonight the temperature is suppose to drop again.  Frigid, arctic air is heading our way.


The snow people have set up camp complete with a roaring fire in my girly room.  Yes, they still have their Christmas tree up.  It does brighten up the dark and cold winter nights for them.

Here’s to happy birthdays and snow people who want to keep warm. Bye.