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Roy Rogers

    Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

 Happy trails to you, keep smiling on ’til then

Who cares about the clouds when we’re together

Just sing a song and bring the sunny weather.

Happy trails to you, ’til we meet again.

If you grew up in America in the 1950’s, you probably watched the Roy Rogers’ show on television. Roy Rogers was the ultimate cowboy.  My brothers and I watched it every week without fail watching Roy and his wife, Dale Evans, fight the bad guys.  Roy rode his beautiful horse, Trigger, a palomino.  Years later, he would have Trigger stuffed and put in the Roy Rogers museum.  At the end of every show Roy and Dale would sing the above song.   One thing I always noticed.  When Roy Rogers was on his horse galloping after a bad guy, his cowboy hat never fell off his head.  Don’t know why I noticed that, but I did.

  This is a long way around to telling you about another dream I had the other night and forgot to write about on my last post.  I dreamed I was at Roy Rogers’ funeral.  There were a lot of people there, but no one was crying. In fact, people looked pretty happy. And then, I noticed something you don’t see at funerals. The guy they were remembering was alive and standing in the crowd of people, talking and laughing with them   Yes, there was Roy Rogers standing there.  It made me so happy to see him. And then I woke up.   I know Roy Rogers is happy where he is right now so the dream actually made me happy, too.

 There was actually Roy Rogers’ fabric for sale a few years ago and I got some.  I hate to cut it up, though.   Maybe I’ll get it out and make a little quilt to remind me of all those shows I watched  with Roy and Dale.

  Here’s to Roy Rogers, one of the greatest cowboys of all time.  I hope to see him one day.  Bye.

Into the Woods

Growing up on the farm, we kids spent a lot of time playing in the woods behind our house.   It wasn’t a big woods, although at the time it seemed big to me.  It had a little creek running through it that my brothers would dam up and then on hot Summer days we would swim in the little pond they had created.  When I think about it now, I cringe because of all the snakes, crawdads and water spiders that were probably in that water.  But to farm children on hot summer days, it was a welcome relief and fun besides.

Since I have been married I have wanted to live on a farm or have some land.   We are at the age where a working farm is probably out, but this week we became land owners.  Something I never thought would happen.  We bought a few acres in Brown County, up a steep hill, in the woods.  We closed on it yesterday and went for our first walk in the woods.  It has a little stream that runs down below the hill.  I cannot wait until David gets his bush hog and clears a few paths so that we can go for lots of walks in the woods.  We aren’t sure what we will do with the land.  Leave it as it is, build on it one day, who knows.  It is just nice knowing we have some land that we can take our dogs to where they can roam and run and chase squirrels and we can get away to the country.


Peace and quiet and green all around.


Thick brush that will have to be cleared if we want to be able to walk there.


A clearing, perfect place to build a little house in the woods.


We even had our first visitors.  How about that?

There is something about owning land that makes a person feel good.  My dad owned eighty acres and the land is still in family hands.  I am glad of that.  I planted some hollyhocks seeds along the woods.  Next Spring we will see if they come up.  Bye.


Kidnap Babysitting

I have some of the weirdest dreams.  Last night was a dream bonanza.  I rode a roller coaster through the mountains, I chased baby chicks and tried to keep them in a barn, but the craziest one is this….

I was in a crowd of people.   There was a celebration or something and there was a young woman with a young child sitting behind me.  She asked me if I would take her child to the restroom and I said, “Sure,” not thinking it was weird at all that a strange woman would ask me to do this.  When I got back, a person sitting next to me said, “You are so stupid to do kidnap babysitting.”  I said, “What’s kidnap babysitting?”   “It’s when someone tricks you into taking care of their child.  “Well,”  I said, “I didn’t mind taking that little girl to the restroom. ” and I left in a huff.  Later I was sitting at a table.  Our preacher was sitting to my left and a person from our church came and sat across from us.  I will not say who it is.  Anyway, this person said to me, “You were so stupid for doing kidnap babysitting.”  I looked at my preacher and said, “I don’t like him/her,” in a matter of fact manner.  My preacher said, “Oh, that’s too bad.”

Then I chased chickens for a while and woke up.  I think I have coined a new phrase.  Kidnap babysitting.  Don’t get caught doing it.  Bye.