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What’s Happening at the Craig House


April Showers brought……



May flowers.  We left the Christmas lights up in this crabapple tree and turn them on at night and it looks so pretty.



Bonnie has decided it is her lot to watch over the chickens.  She has formed a place by the pen where she lays continuously and watches them.  She is absolutely mesmerized.



I baked cinnamon rolls for my ladies Bible study brunch.  We finished up the study of James yesterday. Really loved this study.



I have been nursing a chicken who has a paralyzed leg.  She is healthy otherwise.  Alert, clear eyed and very strong.  She wants to walk so badly, but that foot will not hold her.  I will care for her as long as she is so healthy.  She’s becoming my baby and cheeps at me when I come around.  Her name is Freedom because she is the one who looked like an eagle when she was younger.



Years ago we bought a patio door at the state fair.  It’s been a good door, but it is beginning to show its age.  I don’t know if you can see the screen, but is has been patched for years.  When we got Bonnie as a pup, we replaced the screen because there  was a hole in it.  Because at the time Bonnie was chewing everything in sight, she immediately tore a hole in the new screen and David said he was not replacing it again so he patched it.  Now we are going to have it replaced with a new screen which we hope Bonnie won’t chew.



This is the new door.  Isn’t it pretty?  We are also replacing all the windows in this old house two or three windows at a time.


This requires climbing up very tall ladders and balancing on them while taking out the old windows.  David is not allowed to do this.  He falls off ladders too often.


I don’t even feel comfortable seeing David leaning out the window.



I like how open it looks right now.  Unfortunately, I would not want birds nesting in my bedroom so we need windows here.


Wish we had this setup.  This guy is like a monkey running up and down the ladders and getting onto this thing.  He must not be afraid of heights.  We asked him to replace some spotlights on the corner of the roof and he did.



I will leave you with a picture of Jemima and Penninah having lunch. Bye.