It’s Not Even Summer Yet

I can’t believe all the things we have already done in the past few weeks and it’s not even Summer yet when we plan some trips and family things.   For the first time in years, I have swam in our pool in  June.  In the past, we have had cool nights in June and for me the pool was too cold.  This June I have been swimming several times. We have already had a couple of pool parties.


I love it when the pool is full of kids and toys.  I hope we have many of these days this Summer.


I love having little boys, enjoying a Summer day, swinging on the porch.   My grandchildren are growing up much too fast.


I love eating watermelon in the Summer and freezing the rinds and giving them to my chickens.  They love watermelon.


Giving treats to my chickens makes me so happy.  These little girls supply us with lots of fresh eggs and I get to share them with friends and family.


After watermelon a good fluffing of the feathers and then on to other things.


I FINALLY finished my shop. Except for some curtains and a few paint touchups, it’s done and I have been able to work on a quilt.   Right now everything is so neat and clean. I hope I can keep it that way.


My shop is full of things that I love.


I bought this pretty poster in Laurel, Mississippi on our last trip.  The town where Hometown is filmed.   One of David’s and my favorite fixer upper shows.


I mod podged  two and a half inch fabric squares on this dress form.  I like how it turned out. I’m thinking of putting maps on one of my other ones.


A friend and a very talented lady painted this straw hat for me years ago. She has since passed away, but I think of her every time I look at it.


This hanging lamp has been in our kitchen, our dining room, in my shop, taken down and stored and now it’s back in my shop where I hope it will stay.  I’ve had it for about thirty years or more.


I have a little corner where I can read or look through quilt books and magazines for ideas for more quilts.  And yes, I have read all those books.  People ask me that when they see my book shelves. Now most of my books are on my Kindle, but I still read every single day.


I did this ceiling a few years ago. It was quite the job, but I enjoyed every minute I was painting the boards that went up on the ceiling.   The fun part was deciding what quilt patterns to use.


My exercise bicycle which I don’t use as often as I should.  I have had it for a long time and we can’t find one just like it.  Before the mileage meter broke I had over 25,000 miles on it.   I keep it to remind me to exercise.


I use these Edison bulbs around the shop to give it a soft glow.  It’s taken months to get my shop painted and cleaned, but I am so happy with the results and I have so much more room. And I love my big cutting table David built for me.


It can be moved easily and I can lay a big quilt on it.   I still am planning to buy a new sewing machine as I have worn out two of my favorite machines.


This past weekend we took a trip to Squire Boone Caverns in southern Indiana with two of our grandboys.


They  have never been in a cave before so this was quite the adventure for them.   People aske if they are twins.  They are brothers born one year apart.


They thought the cave was awesome.







I think it’s pretty awesome, too.


There were even fried eggs down in the cave!


Squire Boone, Daniel Boone’s younger brother is buried in the cave.  He owned the land it is under and liked to look through it.

It was a fun day. The boys got to look for gemstones in a sluice and I bought them some souvenirs.   Then we stopped at Frisches and they ate a big meal.

So on the way home this is what happened…..



Completely wiped out with all they had done.  They slept almost all the way home.  The only thing,  they got a nap, but Grandpa and Grandma didn’t and when they woke up they were ready to go again and we were ready to go to sleep!    It was a fun weekend ending with another pool party and a nonplanned birthday party for a  thirteen year old’s birthday who was visiting.  His cake was Twinkies and we ate vanilla and chocolate mint chip ice cream.

And I will end this post with a story of life and death. Which happened right on our front porch before my eyes.


A battle between a spider and a stink bug.   I was rooting for the spider.  It was quite a tug of war for a time.


I don’t think the stink bug had a chance.   The spider wanted its meal too much to let go.  Nature can be cruel sometime, but that’s the way of things.

Here’s to caves, little boys, and Summer days.  Bye.






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