I Did It!!

If you have been reading my blog for a little while, you know that after Christmas I ordered this book.


I have always wanted to knit socks, but didn’t know how to start.  Lucy from the blog Attic 24, who is a very talented crocheter, had never knitted before and after getting this book and following the instructions, she had knit a pair of socks.  Well, I thought, since I already knew how to knit, it had to be a piece of cake to knit socks if a novice could do it.  Was I ever wrong!

I started on my sock with some yarn I had laying around and it looked pretty good for a time.  Then it all went downhill and I had to rip it apart.  The sock was way too big for me anyway, so I could never have worn it.  So then I went to JoAnn’s and got this grey yarn and began knitting another sock.  Then I ordered more yarn, because of course I believed I’d be whipping out socks with regularity.


And right in the middle of the grey sock which I had ripped out several times, I started another sock with this beautiful sock yarn.  I love how it looks so far.  I am getting really good at knitting the top ribbing and the leg of the sock.


When I’d get really frustrated, I’d put down a sock and pick up a scarf.  Knitting in my sleep, almost.  I am trying to use up all my old yarn by knitting scarves that I will give to someone or to Samaritan’s purse or Goodwill.  I might even give some as presents to family.  I don’t know yet.


I finished this scarf.  It saved my sanity sometimes.

Meanwhile, David thought he was going to have to have an intervention for me to get me away from the socks for a while.  I really didn’t know what a black cloud hung over me because I could not finish a sock.  But, I kept plugging on and learned how to knit a heel flap, turn the heel, pick up stitches for the gusset and finally, the dreaded Kitchener stitch, which wasn’t as awful as I thought it would be.  I find while I am knitting it is easier for me to know where I am in the project if I keep a sheet of paper and pen by me and mark every row.  Then, when I make the matching sock, it will have the same number of rows.  I also used this method while doing the Kitchener stitch, writing down every single stitch so I would always know where I was. It really helped me.




It’s not scientific, but it’s worked for me.  So……..

This morning I got up and said to myself, “Self, you are going to finish a sock today.”  I was at the Kitchener stitch.  Something I have never tried before.  I read horror stories online from people who had tried it and failed and were never seen again.  I really had to psych myself up to do it. I even knit on a couple of double pointed needles enough stitches that I could practice upon.  But this morning I just said, “I’m going in,” and started finishing the toe.  Stitch by stitch, keeping them recorded on paper less I be interrupted and lose my place.  My pulse rose as I neared the last couple of stitches.  Then all of a sudden, I was weaving the yarn into the toe to hide it and I was done!    I tried it on.  It fit!



Every single part of this sock is impressed into my mind forevermore.


The ribbing.  Oh, how I love to knit ribbing.


The gorgeous heel flap.  Oh, I love it.


And last, but not least, the grafted toe(Kitchener stitch.)  Lovely.  Looks just like in the book.  Joy, joy, joy.

But then, because this was supposed to be a practice sock, I hadn’t got enough yarn to knit another one. But I found the wrapper from this sock, and went to JoAnn’s yesterday and found the same yarn. Not the same dye lot, but close enough in color that no one will notice.


There’s another sock waiting in this skein of yarn.  Hope it wants to come out.

Of course, while at JoAnn’s I couldn’t resist buying even more yarn.


The grey yarn and this yarn is made of wool and acrylic.  Reminds me of the yarn in the rag socks I use to buy from Eddie Bauer.  Now I can knit my own!


This is yet another sock I have started.


I find if I put the ball of yarn in this little pot it won’t roll all over the floor, under my chair, under the couch.  It stays put.  I have found with knitting socks, as with any hobby, you start to accrue the tools of the trade.  I’ve bought wooden double pointed needles, steel DPNs, two small circular needles, stitch holders, row markers and little rubber things to place on the end of your needles to keep the yarn from slipping off. Believe me, that has happened so many times for me and meant either trying to pick up stitches or ripping out the entire project again.

Am I happy about my new, grey sock?



Yes, I am.

Remember the old house that was torn down by us last week?  David noticed when he was over there talking to the man doing the tearing down, there was a little pitcher laying in the dirt, so he went over after everyone was gone and got it for me.  I had mentioned I wish I had something to remember the old house and our neighbors.


White enamel with chipped green paint.


When I look at it I will remember Doc and Mrs. McCullough and the beautiful house that once was.

Here’s to knitting socks and to many more. Bye.


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