Remember the Alamo

We spent a morning at the Alamo.  A shrine to the men who fought here for the state of Texas.  I didn’t know that this part of the country once belonged to Mexico and that Americans were the immigrants back then.  They were allowed to settle there by permission of the Mexican government.


We started out by watching a fifteen minute movie about the  Alamo.  See that lady in the sweater in front of us?  She and I were talking about the Pioneer Woman and she said she had her first cookbook.


They are doing some work on the Alamo as you can see in the background.


This is a huge old oak tree outside the Alamo.




A lot of artifacts inside.  I was snapping pictures until I saw a sign that said No Pictures. Oops.


A cannon like this one shot cannon balls right into the Alamo where David Crockett, Jim Bowie and the others were fighting to their deaths.


Cactus like this grows all around.

I loved being at the Alamo.  So much history.  Funny that American immigrants were fighting the Mexicans for the land back then.  Now it seems to be the other way around except there are no battles involved.


This was our room for the night.  Let me tell you it was a lot nicer than the previous two nights in an Econolodge in Fredricksburg.  While that room was semi-clean and the beds were comfortable, it wasn’t one of the nicer places we have stayed.  On our many travels we have stayed in luxury places and downright creepy places.  Once, in Cincinnati, after seeing the room, I refused to stay in a particular motel.  I think there were hookers outside.  The bed sheets had food on them!  Ugh. Didn’t stay there either.  Another time I let David make reservations in Florida and it was a scary night, but there were absolutely no other motels available, so we locked the door and went to sleep and were out of there in the morning.  We have found that Comfort Inns can be depended on to be clean and comfortable and close to things we want to see.  Sometimes you just don’t know what you have as a place to sleep until you get there.  I have read ratings on some motels that were bad, but the motel was great and other times the ratings are great and the motel is awful.   We stayed in one motel that smelled of bleach, but we had to stay there because it was the only motel within miles of the ferry we were taking the following morning.  At least it was disinfected!

Our time in San Antonio was short, but it was a blessing in disguise because just after we left, the hurricane rains came.  It rained all the way to Galveston and it is still rainy and windy today.

More later.  Bye.




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