Summer Fun and How Not to Photograph the Blue Moon

We had a Blue Moon the other night.  For those of you who don’t know what a Blue Moon is, it is when two full moons happen in the same month. The second one is called the Blue Moon.  Ever hear someone say something only happens in a Blue Moon?  They are not rare, but don’t happen often.  We had an especially beautiful clear night for looking at the moon.  Not a cloud, except for the cloud of mosquitoes that was hovering around me as I took pictures.  I didn’t have the tripod up so I tried to take the pictures with my shaky hands.  Let’s just say some of them were not the best.


No, there were not two moons, just my not being able to hold the camera still.


It rose behind  the trees across the street.  See that figure at the bottom.  Kind of looks like an angel doesn’t it?  Rising in the mist.  I don’t know what it is really.




That moon would not hold still!


It was so bright.



Loved the silhouettes on the moon, or are they moon creatures???


Finally, a sort of good picture.  By then my legs and arms were a mass of mosquito bites and I was thinking about going in where I would be safe from the blood thirsty little critters.


But still, because I wanted to keep my readers happy, I continued snapping pictures.  What is that line across the moon?  Does it have an equator?   Or is that a big rubber band holding it in the sky???


Ack!  What is that?  Time to go inside.  I think this is a giant mosquito coming at me.

We had one final big swim and cookout Sunday with the grandkids.  It isn’t very often they all can get together and with school starting and sports, homework, plays and other activities, they won’t be getting together again soon.  Anytime I can have them all with me makes me happy.  They are all growing so fast and soon will be all grown up, just like our kids did and they will all go their own ways and do their own things, so for this little bit, I will enjoy every minute I have with them.


The water felt so good.   It’s been really hot around here lately.  The boy cousins were having a great time playing together.


Our lone granddaughter stayed out of the rough housing.  She was smart.  Me, not so much.

I did not want to go in the pool because I knew my hair would get wet and we were going to church that evening, but as I sat watching all the fun and since I was so hot, I decided to get in my suit and join the fun.  I told the grandboys I did not want my hair getting wet.  No, no, no.

Well, after one dumped a whole bucket of water on my head and almost lost his swim trunks to me, I knew my hair was doomed.   From then on it was splash Grandma and I enjoyed it.


I think they are ready for America’s Got Talent.


Good balancing act, don’t you think?

I hope my grandchildren will remember all the fun they had at their grandparents’ house.  We certainly enjoy them, but boy, was it quiet when they left.


I see the moon,

The moon sees me,

Down through the leaves

Of the old Oak tree.

Please let the light that shines on me,

Shine on the one I love.

Over the mountain,

Over the sea.

Back where my heart is longing to be.

Please let the light that shines on me,

Shine on the one I love.  Bye.


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