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We are in between the glorious springing of Spring and the last gasping breath of cold, dark Winter.  Old Man Winter just does not want to leave yet.  We had a beautiful day of temperatures in the seventies, then today it is cold and windy.  Ugh.  Don’t toy with me Mother Nature.  The flowers raise their little heads timidly from the cold soil looking for a spot of sunshine.  Buds on the trees are holding themselves all ready for the first sign that Spring is actually here.    Don’t come out too soon, buds, or you will get burned.

Despite the gloomy weather, things brightened up the other day when the phone rang.  I answered it and the voice on the other end said that I had won a prize from the shop hop we took part in a few weeks ago. Wait, no, the voice was saying DAVID had won a prize.  A gift certificate worth fifty dollars and a bag of goodies.  After all, he had purchased a ticket for the shop hop also. I just never expected him to be the one to win.  I ran to the back door and yelled at the top of my voice, “David, you won a prize from the shop hop!”

So, a couple of day later we took a drive up to Greenwood to the Back Door to get the prize.  And here is what was in the bag….


A layer cake of bright fabrics.  Enough to make a quilt.



A stack of fat quarters.  More bright, colorful fabrics.


This bag held everything.  So cute.


It already looks embroidered, but also in the bag was….


A kit of embroidery floss should I wish to embroider the bag.


Such luscious colors.


The kit even included the needles needed.


There was also a pattern included. With the fifty dollar certificate it all added up to about one hundred dollars worth of prizes.  Since David has no use for any of these things, he gifted them to me.  Or I just took them.  Ha.    I cannot say I have never won anything.  I have been pretty lucky about winning things.  I have won hamburgers from a hamburger stand,  a bicycle, a contest our newspaper held one year where they asked the contestants to write about their valentine. I, of course, wrote about David and he got all kinds of prizes to include a massage(which he never used) a jacket and several other things.  I won another shop hop contest a year or so ago.  No, I am one who can never say I have never won anything.   But this prize was really nice even though I wasn’t the one who won.

This time of year the soil gets pretty muddy when it warms up and since I wear Crocs around the yard all the time, I find they are not the best to keep my feet clean and dry so I looked for some new boots.  I haven’t bought outside boots for years.  I always had boots when I was a little girl.  I love wearing boots even though my feet cry, “Uncle!” sometimes when I wear them.  I found a pair of boots I thought I would like.  They needed to be easy to get on.


These are Bogs.  They are ankle length and have tabs to use to pull them on.  I put them on and they were so comfortable and warm also.  After a while they started to feel hot so I tried to pull them off and I couldn’t.  I had to wait all day until David came home to pull them off me.  Our contractor had been here in the afternoon measuring for new windows and I thought about asking him to pull them off of me, but I thought he’d think I was a little weird so I didn’t.  Now I will have to practice putting them on and off so that I can do it myself.   Anyway, these boots should keep my feet dry and comfortable when I walk out in the mud.

I planted some flowers in a couple of hanging baskets the other day.  I am so looking forward to growing things again and being outdoors most of the day.  I am hoping to take up walking again as I have really let that slide this winter and my legs tell me that every time I do walk.  They ache like crazy.   I plan to walk an MS walk in May, so I have got to get cracking.

Hope you are seeing some Spring in your neck of the woods.  Bye.

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