WE celebrate Christ’s birth today.  Over two thousand years ago he was born in a lowly manger with cattle and sheep surrounding him.  His parents, Mary and Joseph were in the town of Bethlehem to be taxed and take part in the census of the time.  Because the city was so crowded, kind of like Indianapolis during 500 race time, a kind innkeeper allowed them to stay in his stable because he had no beds left in his inn. In that tiny stable(some say it might have been like a cave) Jesus was born and wrapped in rags and laid in the manger of one of the animals.  Can you just see it?  Since I love barns and love the smell when animals are in it, I would think it would have been a peaceful cozy place on a cold night.  But for a king?.   What a way for the Son of God to be welcomed into the world. He had left his throne in the most beautiful place in the universe to come down to earth and be placed in a barn.   But, it didn’t matter.  God was pleased with the birth and His plans were going just as He had told the prophets centuries before, that a virgin would give birth, His Son Jesus Christ.  He sent one angel to announce to some shepherds on the hillside the great joy that would be to all people.  A Savior, who is Christ the Lord!  Then God sent the hosts from heaven (and this wasn’t a little group of angels), but a multitude of angels singing, “Glory to
God in the highest and on earth, peace, good will to all men.”  What a sight that must have been.  A little scary, too, because the shepherds were very afraid at first. What would you do if suddenly multitudes of angels appeared to you?  I think I might freak out a little bit until I knew why they were there.  Then the shepherds went and saw the baby and worshipped Him.  We can be like those shepherds long ago and bow down and worship Him this holy season.  My heart is full of the peace and joy God has given to me.   Have things gone as I would want all year?  Not by a long shot, but through it all Jesus has been by my side giving me encouragement and strength to live each day as He would want me to.  I pray for all of you the peace that passes all understanding through faith in God’s son, Jesus Christ.  He is real, He lived on earth for thirty some years, He died on a cross although he did absolutely nothing wrong but tell about His Father in heaven and do His will on earth,  He died a horrible death(crucifixion was and still is one of the cruelest ways to die) He was buried in a tomb provided by a rich man.  The third day when some of his women friends were going to the tomb to anoint his body, they found an empty tomb and an angel telling them He was not there, but had  risen.  Now Jesus sits at the right hand of God, His father, from where He will one day come to collect those who believe on Him and have given their lives to Him.  I pray you are one or will give your life to Him today.  What better Christmas gift you could give to yourself and those you love.  Jesus loves you.  Never forget that.  Enough to die for you.


David and I wish you a very Merry CHRIST-mas and we pray that 2015 is a year of health, peace and joy to you.  God bless you all.  We love you.  Merry Christmas!



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