Once upon a time a little baby girl was born.  She was simply the most beautiful baby girl in all the world with dark hair and bright blue eyes.  She was the apple of her mother and daddy’s eyes and her grandparents thought the world of her.

Then one day, or at least it seemed like a day, the little baby grew up.  She became a beautiful teen-ager.  Every time her grandparents would see her it seemed she had grown taller.  It seemed impossible that the little baby was now this young woman.

Now the girl sings, dances, write books and gets good grades in school.  This week she performed in Rogers’ and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.


David and I attended the musical Friday night.  It was amazing.


Our granddaughter was one of the townspeople in the musical.   Isn’t she lovely?


One of her friends did her hair for the show.



There were lots of curls in the back.  So pretty.


She sang.


She stared at the handsome prince.


She danced with him.


The clock struck twelve and the ball was over for Cinderella.


But we all know how it ended.  Cinderella ended up with her handsome prince.


Then it was time to take a bow.  I was so proud of our granddaughter.


The cast was amazing.  I can seriously say I have seen professional musicals that weren’t as good as this one was.  The only glitch that night was that the king’s microphone batteries died, but it was taken care of and became part of the act.


Afterward I had to get a picture with the “star” of the show.  When did she become taller than me?


Her brothers were there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one day they are in a play or musical.

It was a grand night.  It’s possible that a tiny baby can grow up to be a beautiful young lady.  Impossible things are happening every day!   Bye.

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