David and I attended a wedding this past weekend.  The bride was beautiful.  The groom was handsome.  The food was delicious and I got to spend time with some of my favorite people.


Here’s the bride.  Her hair was lovely, her dress was beautiful and her countenance was radiant.


Here is the happy couple.


This is the bride’s brother showing me pictures of his children. This guy always makes me laugh.  He’s a sweetie.

Our granddaughter played the ukelele and sang a solo during the ceremony.  I was so proud of her.


That’s my granddaughter in the blue dress wearing glasses.


Quilts covered all the tables.  I provided some of them.  This is an antique one I have had for a long time.


This is a quilt I made for my granddaughter years ago.



Two more of my antique quilts.



Two more quilts I have made.  I was happy to loan them for the reception.  We covered them with plastic so I wasn’t concerned about them getting stained.

Any day is a good day when I get to hang out with my grandchildren.


This boy is a darling.  I love his glasses and his sweet smile.


Whoa, wait a minute.  His nose is growing right before my eyes!  No, I just took a blurry picture which I do quite often.


He smiles as he sucks his thumb. My youngest grandson.  I cannot take a good picture of him because he is constantly moving.




Photo bomb.  Another of my grandsons.


My grandsons with their new stepdad.


My present to the bride and groom will be a signed quilt.  People signed blocks at this table.

There was a pitch-in supper and a pie bar and there was so much food and it all was delicious.  David nabbed me a piece of blackberry pie and it was so good.


I saw Audrey Hepburn in the bathroom.

It was a very nice evening and David and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.

We spent the night in a Best Western.  Our whole weekend was free.  Our night at the motel was free because of points we had earned and all the food we ate for two days was free.  David wouldn’t have had to spend a dime if I hadn’t asked him to buy a newspaper on the way home!   That does not happen very often.  Actually, it has never happened.  Usually we end up spending more than we planned on any outing.

Here’s to brides and grooms and happily ever after. Bye.

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