An Author in the Family

I am so proud today I am about to bust.  My fourteen year old granddaughter just got her first book published and it is on Amazon for sale now.  It is called “Beyond the Open Door,” by Abigail Grace.   I just ordered a copy and cannot wait to read it.  I didn’t even know she was writing it until she was trying to get it published.  It’s one of a trilogy.  A trilogy!  How many fourteen year olds write one book, let alone three.  And they aren’t short books either.

Abby has always been a reader.  She is always saying she is a nerd, but she is far from it.  She makes excellent grades in school, has performed on stage, been on mission trips and is just an all around great kid.


That’s her with her brothers and cousins.  The only girl.  We gave her a ukelele for Christmas and probably is playing it better than I play mine now.

Abby is our first grandchild.  When she was born, I had to wait two whole weeks before I could see her because her parents lived in Chicago and we could not get up there right away.  I could hardly stand it to wait that long to see her and when I first set eyes on her face, I knew I would love her forever.  I have always told her I loved her before she was born and I did.  I have been blessed to watch her grow into the beautiful young lady she is today and I look forward to seeing what she will do in the future.  I know she will write for sure, but there is so much more waiting for that girl.

Anyway, check out her book on Amazon.  I just ordered it and am looking forward to reading it just to see where her imagination has taken her.

Here’s to new authors, especially when one of them is your granddaughter. Bye.


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