Celebration! The Chooks Have Delivered


Have I got something to tell you.






My chooks, my beautiful chooks, after months of feeding them, have begun to deliver. Why do I call them “chooks?”  David and I have been watching a television series filmed in Australia about a group of women who farm a cattle, sheep and alpaca ranch.  It’s called McCleod’s Daughters and we watch it at least once a day. The women call the chickens on the ranch chooks.  I don’t know if that is the way Australians say chicks, or if that is what they call chickens.  Could someone from Australia let me know?  Anyway, we started calling our chicks, chooks.

This morning I went out to let the chooks out and saw a broken egg on the floor. The silly chook who laid it didn’t even get off the roost to lay her egg!  Then this afternoon after church I went out and there was a soft shelled egg under the roost.



Later in the afternoon I was reading the paper and David came in and said he would let me find the first real egg because one of the hens was sitting in a nesting box.  I went out to check underneath her and all I felt was a plastic Easter egg.  Then while I was raking out their yard, I heard some really loud and very different clucks coming from the coop and I went to look and Penninah had laid an egg.  It was kind of small, but a perfect little egg.  I was so excited.

I had had a contest on my Facebook page to name my first egg.  A friend gave me a really good idea for the name so now you must meet her.

Meet Princess Ida Gottlaid.



Like her crown?  Now I will be looking for eggs every day and soon we will be eating omelettes,  scrambled eggs, deviled eggs, eggs benedict and………..

Here’s to laying hens and a happy chicken keeper.  Bye.







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