Meet the Humpties

As I continue to sew for my Christmas sale on December 3rd, I came across this old pattern that belonged to my mother years ago. I don’t believe she ever made any Humpty Dumpties from it, but she might have and I just didn’t know it. The pattern has to be about forty or fifty years old.

Anyway, as I was going through my patterns I found it and decided to make a Humpty Dumpty. Little did I realize at the time you can’t just make one Humpty Dumpty. They are so darn cute, you want to make more and more. I ended up making six and I still would love to make more. Here are a few I have made.

“Hey, I’m not a Humpty!” No, she isn’t. I made this doll many years ago and I found her in a box the other day and something had eaten off most of her hair. She had long red hair at one time. I’m going to do something with her, maybe add new hair or rags all over her head, but I intend to keep her and put her out where I can keep an eye on her. Looks like I will need to freshen up her face, also.
These are flat Humpties, waiting to be plumped up a bit. They are so much fun to make. Each has its own personality and I find myself talking to them. Does that make me weird?
They love sitting on the couch in the sunshine. In a few weeks I hope they will be going to new homes.
Did I say I’m making pillows to sell also? This one would look so cute in a little girl’s room.
This is just one of many pillows I have made. None are the same.

The next few weeks I will be finishing up projects, cleaning my shop from top to bottem and setting everything out for display. I already have two Christmas trees up and the garage sale items I am selling are already set out and priced. I have some interesting things in those, also.

If you live anywhere near me, I hope you plan to come to my sale. I’m only doing this once. It’s taken over my life for a year and next year I have other plans.

Here’s to Humpty Dumpty. May he not fall off a wall again. Bye.

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