It’s a Miracle!

So three days after calling the pest control man our skunk was caught.  Notice how I called it our skunk.  It was beginning to feel like a permanent, rather stinky member of the family for a while.  You know that saying guests who stay longer than three days start to smell like fish?  Well, this guy or gal did not smell like fish. I would have welcomed that.

David came upstairs before he left for work to tell me not to go out on the front porch as the skunk was in the cage.  I asked him to take some pictures if he could.  So he did and did not get sprayed in the process.

How can such a beautiful animal smell so badly?   Look at that fur.  Women would love to have a coat made from fur like that.   Glad they don’t have, though.  It looks much better on the skunk.   Poor little thing looked so sad, but a little angry which is why I did not go out to see it.

So the skunk saga was ended, I hope, although there is a chance there may be more under there.  The house doesn’t smell like skunk when you come in from outside and that’s a big plus.  Did I tell you the pest control man’s name?   I didn’t?  It was Mr. MIracle.  How about?  He performed a miracle for us because if David or I had tried to get rid of that skunk it was almost guaranteed one of us would have been sprayed.  He came, threw a cover over the cage, picked it up and off he went.  I called him later and asked him what he did with the skunk. He lives out in the country and he said he let it go.  I wonder if skunks have a homing instinct like dogs? Will that skunk return?  I hope not. He said to call him if we notice another one under there.


And another miracle happened.  Or at least I like to think of it as a miracle.  After Christmas of 2020, I cut the leaves off an Amaryllis I had grown.  It had been so beautiful.  I didn’t know if it would rebloom again, but I put it in an upstairs bedroom and watered it sparingly all year when I thought of it.   I actually had completely forgotten it for months and then just the other day I went into that bedroom for something and there it was.

The amaryllis had grown tall and bloomed again and I almost missed it!

It was beautiful. So now I will trim the leaves again and mistreat it for another year and see if it will bloom again.  Miracles.  Believe in them or not, they happen.  Bye.

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