A Good Christmas

I’ve had many happy Christmases in my life.   This year’s was no exception.  As long as we have family around and gifts to give them, I’m happy.  This year I decided to make all our grandchildren something, but that comes later.

First was the decorations.  It seems that we hardly get the Autumn and Halloween decorations down than it’s time to put up the Christmas tree and all the other decorations. I like to spread Christmas quilts I’ve made all around the house.

This is a Bullseye quilt i finished this year. I had made our grandson one for his graduation also.  But I never got mine completed until just a few weeks before Christmas.

I love this quilt for it’s simplicity and all the different Christmas colors that are in it. It was fun to make and to quilt.  I did it all on the sewing machine.

All my favorite Santas came out.  Those two red ones belonged to David’s grandmother which she gave to us.  They are celluoid and very old.  I think of her every time I put them out.

Santa in his canoe is my very favorite one.

My little village. My daddy made all the houses and the church and I treasure them.

The cubby holds small Christmas decorations. If you can see them, there are three little wooden Santas altogether that our children received on a flight to the Virgin Islands about forty years ago. They’ve lost their beards, but I still put them out every year to remind me of the good times we had that year. The house quilt behind the cubby I made years ago and is probably one of my very favorite quilts that I have.

Christmas does bring out memories, doesn’t it? Some good and some not so good, but we take them because they did happen.  The year before David and I were engaged, his mother wanted him to move back down to the Virgin Islands. He had been living with his aunt and uncle, but it wasn’t working out.  When I thought he was going to move away, I cried for days. He went down to visit his family and they made arrangements for him to move in with his grandparents so he could finish his senior year up here.  I was so glad.  Then we got engaged, he joined the army and the rest is our history.

I love putting out my Christmas quilts. This is my chicken quilt.

A sheep quilt I made years ago.  These little sheep were fun to make.

I made a special block with this Bible verse on it. We are His sheep if we choose to be and I choose to be.  He takes care of us like we were His sheep. He does not want one to be lost. He will leave the ninety-nine to find the lost 100th one.

Finally all the gifts were wrapped. David wrapped every single one of them. We say if he didn’t wrap them, they would never be wrapped and if I didn’t shop for the gifts, there wouldn’t be any, so we make a good team. I did most of the shopping online. It’s so easy. Almost too easy.

Everyone in the family is getting taller than David and I. I am one grandchild short of being the shortest person in the family and by next Christmas, that will happen.

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care. I knit about twenty-five pair of socks this year. I hang them and let everyone choose a pair.

I love knitting socks. I’ve already started on next year’s.

What they called the Christmas Star.  I imagine the real Christmas Star was much brighter. Two planets, Jupitor and Saturn.  I saw a picture on Facebook of the planets taken using a telescope and it showed Saturn and it’s moons.  We don’t think about the wonderful things all around us sometime.  It’s amazing how wonderful our universe is and it’s still expanding because God is still creating.  But He chose this one planet to place men on and to send His only Son. It’s all pretty miraculous if you think about it.

Then it was time to give out the gifts.  My favorite thing to do.

Years ago I got a magazine with the quilt pattern called Grandmother’s Fancy. I’ve made a quilt or two from it, but never for the grandchildren. So this year I decided to make them all quilts with matching pillow and pillowcases.

He loved his new pillow.

Our granddaughter who will be getting married next Summer.

We gave our daughter and son-in-law a shared gift and David wrapped the present in two different wrapping papers and made each of them unwrap their side.   That sweater our daughter has on, a lady knits these and sells them. It looks so warm. I wish I could knit something like that.

Now it’s the day after Christmas. I always enjoy this day almost as much as Christmas Day. No stress and no worrying about a meal.  I slept in this morning and have been watching my favorite tv show, The Incredible Dr. Pol. It’s about a veterinarian in Michigan, his family and his fellow vets and all the animals they attend. I always thought I would have loved to be a vet until I see those young girls putting their arms in a cow’s butt to check on their babies or whatever.  Then I decide, no, I would not make a good vet.  I’m really impressed by those lady drs., though and what they can handle. My niece is a large animal vet, so I guess she probably does the same thing these girls do. .  I’ve got all the shows taped and have been watching all day.

Well, I hope your Christmas was a good one.  I will wait a few days before I start thinking about the next one and what we will give as gifts.  Merry Christmas and may your new year be healthy and happy and may the Covid virus soon be a thing in our memories and no where else. Bye.


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