Daily Archives: April 24, 2014


If you have ever built anything or had some remodeling done, you know you come to a place where you think it will never be done.

We have a great contractor and things are going along smoothly and quite faster than I thought they would, but still, I am in that place where I don’t think it will ever be finished.  They put a new window in the living room yesterday and it is beautiful(if windows can be beautiful.) We have lived with old windows for thirty some years.  They have those awful metal storm windows that have to be taken out before you can clean the windows. They are ugly and useless because I don’t think they kept out the winter winds very well.  Our new windows are so much easier to clean. They are sealed and insulated so no winter winds should get by them.  There was a mess on the floor  after they put in the window, so I cleaned it and washed the floor with Murphy’s Oil Soap and went outside to stain and paint.  When I came in later that afternoon, the floor was covered with dust and plaster again. Oh, well.  I guess I won’t clean until the porch is done. Plus there are two more windows to replace. This old house has a lot of windows and we are replacing them as we can afford to.  We have about nine more to replace after these.  They will have to wait another year.

We are at the point in remodeling where I always get where I think everything is a mess and dirty and unorganized and I get rather impatient for the job to be finished so I can set things back in order.  Yesterday  I stained lattice and painted facia boards and rafter boards.  Our contractor showed me the boards Tuesday and I asked when he would be needing them and he said, “As soon as possible.”  Oh, no. I said, ” Good Lord, give me strength.”  And He did.  Well, I got to work and painted the rest of the day until seven o’clock and got them painted with only one coat to go on one side and I did it the next morning.  When you are doing sweat equity, you sweat sometime.  I also got a sun burn on my arms.

When the porch is done and when I get it stained and the front of the house stained and when I get the landscaping done around the porch that I have planned, and when I get our garden planted and when I get our living room walls patched and painted and when I clean the house completely of all the dust and dirt and when we get new porch furniture and hanging baskets, then David and I will sit on our new porch and enjoy the chance to rest.  You’re invited to come sit with us.  Bye.

Pictures next post.  I’m too tired.