Requiem for a Maple Tree Part 2

It finally happened.  They came and cut the big maple down this week.   When I got the phone call they were coming, I almost felt like I had heard of someone’s death and that night all I could think about was that the next day the big maple would be gone.

We have lived under the shade of the big maple for decades.  In the Summer when it would be hot outside, the big maple would shade the north side of the house and make the house a little cooler.   In the Autumn, the big maple would drop its leaves and allow the sun to shine on our house to give a little warmth.


I took a final picture of the tree.   It looked so beautiful against the blue sky.


My last view of the tree through our kitchen window.


Then it began.  The saw began its cutting of the smaller branches first.


Each branch was carefully lowered down with a rope.


One by one the branches came down.


The smaller branches were put into this industrial strength chipper shredder.  Wow,  I wish I had one one these.  David does not think it would be a good idea for me to have this for a playtoy.


Then the big branches were cut.


The big maple was a mere skeleton of itself.


Finally it was down to the large logs.


Logs too big to lift.  These will have to be split.


I’m not sure what this tool is called, but it was used to move the large logs.  These logs are still beside our house.  David has his work cut out for him.  The men asked me if we had a log splitter and I said,  “Yes, my husband.”


We ended up with a lot of fire wood.

Now the yard is bare on the north side of our house.  Next Spring I plan to plant a whole new perennial garden with lots of fall color.  Sumac, Japanese maples that come in all shades of reds, oranges and yellows, hydrangeas, maybe a fir or two.  Color will return to the yard by next Autumn.  And I won’t have to mow there any longer.

I will leave you with a poem I found online about cutting down a tree.  It’s kind of how I feel.

Tree I was

That shed its leaves

In winter to let

Sunshine enter

 Your home

 To brighten life.

Tree I was

That grew leaves

To provide shade

In hot Summer

 To cool your home

 Providing comfort.

 Tree I was

Where birds made

 Nests and lived

And you said

 How lovely it is

This lovely tree.

Yet you forgot all

 And didn’t hesitate

 To cut me and slice

For the timber needed

 To build your

Vacation home.

 Tree I was

That lived a while

Tree I was

Tree no more.

Tirupathi Chandrupatia (2014)

   Except for cutting down the tree for a vacation home, that’s my sentiments exactly.  Here’s to beautiful trees.  May there be more of them.  Bye.

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