Chicago Part 2


David and I were courageous and took three of our grandchildren touring in Chicago this week.

On day two we went to the Museum of Science and Industry.  There is soooo much to see there.  One cannot do it in a day.  Or at least I couldn’t because I want to read everything and spend time in each exhibit.  With three grandchildren who have been there before, we did a whirlwind tour through the museum.  We still saw a lot.


There was a circus exhibit with a miniature circus parade.


David wanted me to be sure to take this picture of him by the strong man because, you know, David is a strong man too.


Little circus wagons and the crowds who watched the parade.


Electricity displays everywhere.


A tornado in a bottle.


We saw baby chicks hatching.  The poor little things have to struggle so hard to get out of the egg, they almost look dead when they finally get out.


But soon they are on their feet and their fluffy feathers dry and they look like the cute little chicks you see at Easter.  As a farm girl, this is nothing new to me, but city kids seldom get to experience this.


There was a fairy castle that my granddaughter and I liked especially.  It was started by a silent movie star back in the twenties and grew from there with many people getting involved in its construction and furnishing.


Each little room was furnished completely with what would be needed for the inhabitants.  Look at the tiny copper pans and the dishes.  This must have been fun to put together.


Even the little glass bottles were perfect and so tiny.  Abby and I could have looked for an hour or more.  There was so much detail in each room.



My grandson took this picture.  It’s a tornado.  We got to go in a wind tunnel capsule and feel the power of a small tornado.

We walked and walked and saw so much.


We saw a German submarine that we captured in the second world war.  It had sunk several of our ships.  This is a representation of some men who escaped their ship.  They had the submarine at the museum.

If you are ever in Chicago, get a city pass and it gets you into several attractions, the Adler Planetarium, the Shedd museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, and a few other things.  It was worth the price and we still couldn’t see it all in three days.

We saw so much and enjoyed the museum greatly.

When we got back to our room, my feet were so sore.  We had walked all day and up and down stairs over and over again.  I was hoping I would be ready for the Adler Planetarium the next day.  We shall see. Bye.




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