Did You See It?

Did you see it?  Did you watch the debate between Joe Biden and President Trump?  I watched it and to my mind it was two against one.  Watch it carefully again and you will discover that Joe Biden was the first to interrupt in the course of answering questions.   President Trump answered his first question, no interruption.  Joe Biden answered his first question, no interruption. Then President Trump got his second question and was answering it when Joe Biden began to interrupt him. That is when the whole debate went downhill because President Trump plays fair with those who play fair, but he becomes an angry lion when he is not treated fairly.  And Joe Biden and Chris Wallace were not playing fair.

I listened carefully to the whole debate and not once did Joe  Biden truly answer a question that was given him. He made it a point to look at the camera and act like he was talking to someone off camera telling them what he would do in a certain situation, but he never answered a question. Then he told the president to “shut up,” which wasn’t very presidential.  I believe Joe Biden is in some way incapacitated either with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and it scares me that people would put someone that sick into the White House to make hard decisions about our country.

I believe if President Trump were treated fairly and allowed to answer his questions, there would have been no problem, but Chris Wallace and Joe Biden both could not seem to allow him to answer one question before being interrupted.  It all went downhill. If Mr. Wallace had just allowed both men to debate as a debate should be, it would have been more interesting and both men might have gotten their questions answered.  We will never know, will we?

Now Chris Wallace is doing the crying and whining tour, going on any show he can saying the debate debacle was all President Trump’s fault.  What?  The moderator did a very poor job of keeping things running smoothly by not telling Biden to stop interrupting President Trump and vice versa.

There is going to be another debate.  I hope there is a new moderator who knows what a debate is. And I hope they don’t shut off mics like they are threatening to do because that is stifling free speech.  And without free speech, we are lost.

If this post angered you, look at the puppy. Bye.



2 thoughts on “Did You See It?

  1. Julia

    I’m not remotely angered by this post. I find it refreshing to find someone that thinks the way I do. We all know that it’s a vote for the far left Harris, not Biden who will likely check out on day one. Our president has been treated unfairly since day one and it is just so sad. But he is a very strong man and can easily hold his own! I’m very frusterated with the way this election has played out. It’s a rigged election that is for sure. I hope and pray that the left’s eveilness and corruption will be exposed for what it truly is.

    Your new puppy, Lucy, is adorable! We have a seven month old Shih Tzu puppy named Rosie Belle. She can be a handful, but we love her so much!

    1. Snickelfritz Post author

      Hi! Nice to hear from a kindred spirit. It is so sad to read blogs that all they do is talk about how terrible our president is and you know that they have just been watching CNN or MSNBC all day and have not heard a bit of good about him and we both know he’d done a LOT of good in the last four years. Lucy has a sister, Sugar, a black Lab. You will be hearing more about them and their step sister, Molly.


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