Daily Archives: January 9, 2021

Time to Take a Break or This is a Political Message

If you watched any news the last couple of days here is what you learned if you watched certain liberal news shows.  At a raging lunatic gathering of Trump supporters in Washington yesterday, President Trump gave a speech. He knows the election was stolen.   He was proud to be their president. He told the people to run  to the Capitol and let their voices be heard and get  violent if necessary.  Break windows, sit at Pelosi’s desk. Be shot.   That is what some people really think happened.

Here is what President Trump actually told a peaceful crowd of thousands. He told them to walk to the Capitol and let their voices be heard. OUTSIDE.  He did not tell them to rush the Capitol, break in and walk all over. He did not tell them to sit at Pelosi’s desk.  But somewhere things went horribly wrong.  I believe there was a group of radicals hidden in that crowd bent on destruction from the very first.  I believe there were people from antifa and BLM in that group bent upon destruction.  How do I know this crowd was peaceful?  I’ve been part of that crowd on occasion. I’ve watched practically every rally President Trump has had and never was there any violence, burning down of buildings, burning cars, shooting people. Never.  So I know the kind of people who gather for President Trump are peaceful, law abiding people. That is not what viewers of the liberal, leftist leaning news shows like CNN, MSNBC and now even FOX have heard for the past four years. We all are racist, homophobe, gun toting, rabble rousing lunatics bent on destruction. President Trump is evil and must be destroyed. If you believe this, you’ve been had.  No, we are proud Americans who love our country and don’t like the direction it is taking which is toward socialism, if not communism.  President Trump looked at our country a few years ago and did not like the way it was going either. All our businesses going overseas, many to China.  Our farmers doing poorly on the world market.  People’s taxes going up every year while we watched our money go to other countries.  When he took office all that changed and the ONE WORLD ORDER people did not like it.  Ever wonder why the Bushes and the Obamas were so cozy? They are part of those people.  So are most, if not all the Big Tech people. Trump did not fit into their world view so he had to be destroyed.  So for four years the liberal media NEVER had a good word for our president. While Michelle Obama has been featured on the cover of almost every magazine, Melania Trump, a real beauty who has been a model, was never featured on one magazine cover. Don’t you find that rather strange, if not petty?

Now we hear that Twitter has censored President Trump forever for inciting riots which he has never done. They are trying to silence him. They will try to silence us.  As long as I have this blog, I hope I can retain my free speech.  If they can censor our president, they can censor you and where will you go when you have no place to speak publicly?

We are living in very disturbing times. Some believe it could be end times.   Since God has not told me, I can’t say one way or the other. I just know to be prepared.  The next four years we will see more and more attacks on President Trump because they must keep him quiet, you see.  I wish I knew what he knew because I’d shout it to the world because maybe the world needs to know what is really going on in our country.  People don’t like to think of these kind of things. They believe if they keep their head down and just live a good life nothing will happen to them. Perhaps the Jews, before the Holocaust, thought the same thing and they came for them.  What if they come for us?

I hope I’m wrong. My recourse is to pray because God is still in control. He’s letting all this happen for a reason. Perhaps we deserve it, I don’t know.   I just know that there are two groups of people in my country now. One group has detested President Trump from the first day he took office, ignoring all the good he did the last four years or at least believing all they have heard on the liberal media. The other group is conservative and likes President Trump and for that reason only we have been called White Nationalists, homophobes, racist and all manner of foul names because the left knows if they say it enough, people will believe it and from reading some of the blogs I’ve read lately, they have succeeded.  That is another lie the liberal media has repeated ad nauseum that President Trump praised the White Nationalists. No, he never did. I heard his entire speech that day and not once did he praise them. He called them specifically horrible people, but he did say there were other people in that crowd that day who were good people and there were.  People were there that day to protest taking down a statue.  That did not automatically make them bad people, but the media labeled them that.  Think if the media decided they didn’t like you and every day they would report lie after lie about you, how horrible you are? Do you believe people would like you?  Probably not and that is what they have done to President Trump.

Is President Trump a good man?  None of us are good. Not one and not one of us will get into Heaven without Jesus Christ as our intercessor, but people have decided President Trump is bad and he must be destroyed. His good has far outweighed his bad. He’s done so much for so many people and so many people will never hear about it because the liberal media is afraid that will change their minds about the man.

If you have read this far, you know I am passionate about what is happening to our country. I don’t want it to go back to the way it was before President Trump when we were losing jobs, our taxes were high, gas was almost four dollars a gallon at one point.  I can’t stand to think what is going to happen under a president who is, at  best, halfway there. At worst he has dementia and was allowed to run anyway.  It’s not even laughable, it’s so tragic.

I will be like President Trump on Inauguration day. I won’t be there. I won’t watch or listen because I truly believe we will be inaugurating a fraudulent president. Since it will be David’s birthday, we will celebrate that, instead.

My next post I will try to be back to my cheery self, I hope, but I will still have a sick place in my stomach thinking of all we are losing.  Bye.