Daily Archives: November 13, 2014

Eating is Elementary

Today David and I drove over to Bloomington to our grandsons’ school to eat lunch with them.  One is a kindergartner and the other is a first grader.

We stopped at McDonald’s and bought the first Happy Meal with Gogurt and chocolate milk and headed to the school.  After signing in and finding the cafeteria, we sat down and waited for the first grandson to come in.  Suddenly here came little children talking and laughing with some carrying their lunch boxes.  One little boy noticed the Happy Meal and proceeded to tell us he had the toy that was on the outside of the box.  Evidently he thought we really ought to know it because he came back and told us again that he had that toy.

Finally our grandson came in and sat with us.  His friends sat all around.  His little friends were very friendly and talkative and so cute.  Foster talked about going to Book Fair today where the children could buy their own books.  We spent thirty minutes with him and then they all had to pack up and follow their teacher out.  So with a big hug and kiss we said good-bye.  Then David had to make a dash to McDonald’s again to get our second grandson his Happy Meal with Gogurt and chocolate milk while I sat waiting for Tristan.  Suddenly, a little boy came up to me and said, “You have my seat.”  I looked at him and our empty table and he said again, “I have to sit where you are sitting.”   The woman who was working came over and said she forgot that I was sitting in this boy’s assigned seat.  I guess he had gotten in trouble some time and had been told exactly where to sit.  Well, I just moved then.  I found out later his name was Mao-Mao.  Another little boy quietly walked over until he was across from me,  coughed on me and then quietly went back to his seat.  I don’t know what that was all about, but I do seem to attract children with colds who like to sneeze and cough on me.  In Sunday school I have had children sneeze directly into my face.  I tell David that day don’t be surprised if I get sick.

I watched the cafeteria workers while I waited.  There was one woman and one man who were in charge of cleaning the tables and floor before the next groups came in.  I was fascinated how quickly and efficiently they worked.   The woman washed down all the tables and seats with the man coming behind with a sweeper cleaning up under the tables.  The tables could be raised in the middle to be easily cleaned under.  I told them I was impressed.  By the time the next groups came in, the cafeteria looked like no one had eaten there.

David got back with the Happy Meal with Gogurt and chocolate milk just as Tristan’s class was coming in from the playground.   The children all smelled like the outdoors. Like sunshine and fresh air.  They all had worked up appetites.  David had gotten an extra Happy Meal because I wanted a plain hamburger so  I gave my Gogurt  and toy to Tristan.  He gobbled everything up lickety split.  His friends were very friendly.   One little boy came up to me and pointed to my grandson and said, “He doesn’t like me.”  I turned to Tristan and said, “You like him, don’t you?’ and he said, “yes.”  I then looked at the little boy and told him we liked everybody.  That seemed to satisfy him and he kept coming up to me to talk.

It was a fun time watching the children interact and being with our grandsons.

After we left, we went to the daycare where our daughter teaches.  She has a nice little class of four year olds and they were eating their lunches.  Afterward, they all had their very own cots on which they were to nap or lay quietly and look at books.  We left so they could take their naps.

We headed to the orchard and got some apples, some frozen rhubarb for pies and apple cider.

When we got home we started moving the wood from the old maple tree that was cut down yesterday.  I will write about it my next blog. Our big, beautiful maple tree is no more.  We have several ricks of wood.  Much of it has to be split before we can even move it.  I love being outdoors loading firewood.  We built a campfire,  after we were finished stacking wood for the time being, and we sat beside it and rested after a very busy day.

Eat at an elementary school one day.  It’s a fun experience.  Bye.