A Little Beauty, A Little Sweetness

Hurray, I got some pictures again.  My new computer was not uploading pictures for some reason so I am using our old laptop and it is working, so now my blogs won’t be boringly picture free.

I don’t know about you, but it seems we Americans have seen enough bombings, explosions and bloodshed to last forever.  We have been blest not to have had to endure these things in our country so much in the past, but they seem to be becoming a part of life.  I truly pray all those who have been affected by all these horrible things will recover or be given peace.  I can’t imagine the horror.

That said, I think we all are ready for some beauty in our lives.  Some kindness.  Some love.  Here is my love to you with flowers.




















These are all flowers and bushes in my garden or will soon be planted in my garden.

Now how about some sweetness?  I have been baking.  Rhubarb pie. The rhubarb is not from our garden.  We bought it at Appleworks some time ago and it’s been in the freezer.  Our rhubarb is ready so there will be more of these.


Wait a minute.  That is a pie shell.  Did I make a different pie?



We found this at Wal-Mart and since David loves Key Lime Pie I had to buy the four cans they had.



Wait, this is my rhubarb pie.  Did I make two pies in one day???



You bet I did and David and I ate every last piece.  I didn’t like the key lime pie too well.  The consistency didn’t appeal to me so David got most of it.  When I was little, Mom would let me play with the pie dough and make little pies in my own little pie pan.  Now that I am not so little, I use the left over dough and make cinnamon rolls.



I think these are better than some of the pies.  I make my pie dough with lard which is the only way to get a truly crumbly, flavorful dough.  Mom use to buy lard by the five gallon can and kept it in the kitchen where she would turn out pies almost every week.  My Grandma Ridenour made the best pies ever.  When she lived with us, she would be in charge of making the pie dough and taught me how to make good dough.  When I was in high school, I took Home Economics and one time we had to make pie crusts.  My best friend and I were a team and honestly, we could not make a bad pie crust.  The teacher’s pet made pie crust after pie crust and they just wouldn’t turn out and my friend and I would stand back and pat ourselves on the back because our crusts always turned out.  Not very nice, but we were competitive about the whole thing. It could have been because we were both farm girls and had learned to cook and bake when we were younger.  I had the best teacher of all, though, and for that I am very happy.

Now are you ready for some cute?


Parade of the chickens.  The girls are growing.  Five of them are doing well, but one of them has gone off her feet and I am trying to doctor her.  I think she has rickets, which is lack of calcium in the diet, so I bought polyvisol with vitamin D and am putting supplements in the drinking water.  I am really worried about her.  I don’t remember what my dad did when hens got sick.  I really don’t remember too much about the care of the chickens except for feeding and watering them.  I am watching the rest of them closely.  I really don’t want to lose any of them.  David said, “And that is why you don’t name chickens.”   But I did, and I love them all like pets so I will worry.

I hope your days are filled with sweetness, beauty and light.  Bye.













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