Lunch Boxes and Other Things

I was in elementary school in the latter part of the fifties and early sixties.  While we had a cafeteria at school that served wonderful, delicious meals, think cinnamon rolls and homemade mashed potatoes, sometimes I took my lunch to school.

It was always the same thing. Bologna sandwich, potato chips, maybe a banana or apple and a cookie.  Mom always had homemade cookies in the cookie jar.  I would buy a little carton of chocolate milk in the cafeteria.  Our cafeteria always smelled so good.  Most of the cooks were mothers of students in the school and they were very good cooks, let me tell you.

I took my lunch in this lunch box.


It was metal with a pull off lid and handles on the side.  I saw one just like it somewhere and it was called an antique.  I think my brothers and sister may have used the same lunch box.


It still has the tape on it that I wrote my name on so everyone would know whose lunch box it was.


Years later, my mother used it for something else.



For years my mother kept crayons in it and my children used the crayons when they visited.  I would be willing to bet there are still a few crayons in here that I used as a child.  Our family never gets rid of anything.  I will pass this on to my children one day.



This is a lunch box that belonged to my husband’s grandfather.  It was probably carried in the late 1800’s or early in the twentieth century.



It has it’s own built in cup.


Hot water could be put in here to keep food warm or ice to keep food cold.


A nice wooden handle to carry it.

Through the years lunch boxes have changed.  In the seventies and eighties my children carried popular characters of the times lunch boxes.


Both my boys had super hero lunch boxes.  I only have one of them as the other got all rusted and I threw it away.  Wish I hadn’t


I do have both thermoses.


They are both the same.




My daughter carried a Strawberry Shortcake lunch box.  She had Strawberry Shortcake everything.  Strawberry Shortcake sheets, pajamas, pillows and most, if not all the Strawberry Shortcake dolls that came out at that time.  I will have to show them to you. I still have their boxes and everything.

Getting away from lunch boxes, my garden is finally coming to life.  Daffodils, rhubarb and forsythia is coming out and up and all the perennials are peeking out of the ground.




Sometimes it seems that the plants will never come up again and then the miracle happens and life is renewed.  I can’t wait to make a rhubarb pie from this plant.


The chickens are thriving and have adjusted to the big house.  I put them outside in their pen where they can scratch around and they love it.  In a few months I should be getting some eggs.  I can’t wait.  This is Dorcas, or is it Beatrice?  I never can tell those two apart.  She is quite a little ham isn’t she?

Hope the sun is shining wherever you are.   Bye.




















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