An Alamo, quilt shops and Ducks

It seems like the days are passing so quickly.   We loved Fredricksburg, Texas.  It’s a great shopping experience, but there is much more to it than that.  David and I like to get off the beaten track and see things most of the tourists never go see.

One of those sights was Cross Mountain. Years ago a huge metal cross was erected on top of a mountain outside of Fredricksburg.  You can walk up to it and that is what David and I decided to do.  Now I had been having leg pains, but nothing was stopping me from going up this mountain. The path was relatively easy and was not straight up, but meandered around the mountain.  It was a misty day, but we said we would never get this chance again, so up we went.



Even though it was cloudy and misting, the views were beautiful.


Yes, my hair was wet, but there was only me and David there, so, who cares?


Even though it looks like my head has been impaled, it isn’t too bad of a picture.

We like to drive around towns we are in and find things that are different from the general touristy things.  We drove out to Lady Byrd Johnson’s  Park south of town.  For those of you who may not know, Lady Byrd Johnson was the wife of one of our presidents, Lyndon Johnson.  Lady Byrd started the wild flower project where wild flowers were planted along Texas highways.  Anyway, it is a nice park.  We saw a river and stopped by it and before we knew it, we had company.


Oh, did I have any food for them?  I keep crackers that I get at restaurants in the glove compartment of our car.  I tell David it’s so if we are ever in the middle of nowhere and are starving, we’ll have crackers.  Well, these quackers wanted crackers!  I dug out several packages and fed them.  Reminded me of when I raised ducks when I was a girl and how they would follow me everywhere because I was the first thing they saw when they hatched.


They were so cute. I want to raise ducks now.  I could, you know.  Look how snowy white they are and so mannerly waiting for some crackers.


Then I ran out of crackers and they started getting demanding.   They followed me to the car and I had to jump in and we sped off before they got inside!

Next we went to the Lady Byrd Johnson pollinator garden.  It was so pretty.  I want my gardens to look like this.






Perovskia.  I do raise this and plan to plant a lot more next Spring. One of my favorite flowers.  I spread this in the chicken house to make it smell good.


My sweetie in the garden.

And we found a rare specimen in this garden.  One we have never seen before.


The Red Capped Americus Siticus Snoreius.  Uncommonly found in gardens of the pollinating kind.  He never moved the entire time we were in the garden.  We tried not to disturb as we didn’t know what he would do. 


If you are ever in Fredricksburg, Texas, take a little trip to this park.  It’s a nice little place away from all the tourists.

We drove around town some more and I saw the library.  I love libraries though I must admit I have not been in one for years since I found and can order Kindle books so easily.  This library made me wish I was a little girl being taken on her first library visit.  I could imagine curling up with a good book here and spending the day.




Little lights all around the roof.


Chandeliers in the windows.  It was wonderful.  I wanted to go in and spend a few hours, but it was closed for the day.  So we went to eat at a German restaurant we had seen downtown.  We were walking along just fine and all of a sudden, I felt something snap behind my knee and I had to immediately sit down.  I could barely walk.  We managed to get to the restaurant and had a delicious meal.  I had three kinds of sausages, a salad and German potato salad .  It was all so good, but way too much to be able to eat it all.  Really enjoyed that meal, but then I had to try to walk out of the restaurant.  David went to get the car and he drove up right in front of a big puddle and I had to leap across it to get to the car which really hurt, but I made it.  I hobbled around the rest of the day holding on to things as I walked.  It’s strange, because this was my left leg and the same thing happened to my right leg about a year ago and it took a few days to get better.   I knew I probably shouldn’t have climbed that mountain, but, hey, I like a challenge.

This morning I was still hobbling, worried that I wouldn’t be able to walk around the Alamo, but I did.  I will write about that in my next post.


Here’s to ducks, German food and out of the way parks.  Bye.





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