Oh! Molly!

If you have been reading my blog, you know I have a Boxer-Lab mix puppy who has about been the death of David and me.   You have read how she tore a large hole in the side of the house almost getting into the house. You have read about the time she dug up pipes to our pool and I saw my husband getting as mad as I have ever seen him in our forty-seven years of marriage.  You have read how she chews wood and brings up whole logs onto our deck to gnaw upon.

This week Molly and Belle broke out of the yard(I left the gate unlatched) and went on a crime spree through our neighborhood, going onto our busy street picking up every dead animal they could find and dragging them into our yard.  They brought in a rabbit skeleton, a squirrel tail(I don’t know what happened to the rest of the squirrel) and last, but not least, a complete skunk body, odor and all.



I don’t know how they kept from getting hit by a car and I have no idea how long they were free, but they sure had a good time.  The dead skunk lay in our drive for two days until David scooped it up and threw it across the road.

Several weeks ago, Molly killed a lizard and chased me all over the yard wanting me to play with her.  She topped herself last night.  David usually puts the dogs in their pen at night in case it rains because that is where their doghouses are and they are too stubborn to go into their pen by themselves.  He came back into the house and said Molly would not go back into the pen and he could not get what she was carrying  away from her.  “What is it, a rabbit?” I asked.  “Nope,” replied David.  “A bird?”  “NO”  “A possum?”  “No.”  “It wasn’t one of my chickens?” “No.”

Just then Molly came running up to the back door and in her mouth hanging from both sides of her mouth was a  big snake.  Needless to say, I did not go outside to check it out.  Today I did not go out the back door because I was afraid Molly would come running with her new “toy” wanting me to play.  I used the front door all day to get to my shop.  I looked out my shop window and saw the snake laying in the yard.  When David came home, he took the snake and threw it away where Molly could not get it, I hope.


Sure, she looks innocent.   Bye.


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