A Graduation, Roosters, Oh, and a Turtle

Last Sunday we attended a graduation party for a great-nephew.  My nephew grew up just down the road from my home and I babysat him once in a while.  Now he has a boy graduating.


The last time I saw this boy he was the ring bearer in our daughter’s wedding.  How swiftly the years have past.  I made him a little suit with white shorts and a blue blazer for the wedding.  I was putting the hem in the sleeves of the blazer the day of the wedding so they would be the correct length.  He came from Cincinnati the day of the wedding so I had not been able to do any measuring.  He was a very good ring bearer.  Now he has a full four year scholarship to college.


The chocolate graduation cake.  My husband already had taken a piece.


My sister is his grandma.  The one thing about sisters, you always sit in a corner and giggle about silly things.  She didn’t want her picture taken, so, of course I did.


This is my gorgeous niece.  We went to her graduation party last year.  I wrote about it last year and how we somehow got lost getting to her house.  Anyway, she is already a junior in college.  She thinks she might want to go into politics.

We stayed all night at our son’s house in Cincinnati and were going to go to King’s Island, but it was raining so we headed home.  On the way we went through the small town of Brookville.  You will see why I loved it that we stopped here to antique.








Roosters!  Practically every business had a cement rooster in front, all of them painted in different colors.  I loved it.  We have been in towns where there were cement painted pigs, cement painted cows and in Alaska, they had all different colored  moose(meese?)  I think our town should do hens.

Today, after church and lunch I took Belle a walk.  I was trying to walk 5K.  We had been walking for a while when I noticed something in the road ahead.  As we got closer, I noticed it was a turtle.  Belle didn’t know what to think of it since she has never seen a turtle.  She growled and it popped into its shell so I picked it up and brought it home to show David.  That thing was heavy.  Belle kept looking at it like she was a little afraid of it.


It took a while, but he finally came out of his shell, kind of like me.  Ha.


He was sort of pretty for a turtle.


He was giving the evil eye to David as he took pictures.


His underside was pretty also.  When I was growing up you could buy baby turtles in the dime store and little habitats for them where you would put sand and some water.  Usually they didn’t last very long which is why they probably stopped selling them.

After we took several pictures I took the turtle back from where he or she came and let it go on its way.  See, I find just about everything on my walks.

David saw a fox in our front yard yesterday morning as he was going to work.  Hope it’s not looking for chicken.  Bye.

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