My Last Cat

Growing up on a farm, there were always cats around.  There was always a litter of kittens to play with in the barn loft.  I would sit for hours playing with the kittens in the cozy loft among the bales of hay and straw.  Our cats did not lack for affection or attention.   I would watch my daddy spray milk into a cat’s mouth directly from the cow.  The cats knew when it was milking time.

I have always named all the cats I knew.  Susie Sa Bette, Skitter Cat,(named for the Skitter Cat book I read as a child) Blackie, Fitzgigg, Cornflake, Muffin, Harley, because he had a harlequin look about him, and there were several more.  My daughter always named her cats Melissa.  We had a litter of cats and she had named them and we gave them away and she always was unhappy we gave away Melissa so we got a white cat and she, of course named her Melissa and that cat lived to be eighteen years old.  I was through with having cats until a friend at church said she had a litter of kittens.  I decided I would like to have one.  She brought a box of cats to church and I picked one out and brought her home.

This little kitten was to be in my shop and was to never get out.  We had lost most of our cats on the road, you see, and I couldn’t stand to lose another like that.  We did have one, Harley, drown in our pool which was a tragedy.  So I brought Prissy Pink Toes home and wrote a story about her for my grandchildren.



Prissy Pink Toes is black and brown with a white stripe down her nose and one white paw.  She has blue eyes and pink toes.




Then one day Prissy’s owner, April, put her in a carrier and off they went in the car with April’s children, Skye, Austin and Neea.

They arrived at church where Grandma was waiting to pick up Prissy,  It was love at first sight.

Grandma picked up Prissy and her motor began to run.  “Prrrr,” purred Prissy as she settled in Grandma’s arms.

She decided she liked it very much!






We loved Prissy, who was, by the way, named after the Gone With the Wind character, Prissy.  All my pets except for the chooks are named for people from Gone With the Wind.

Anyway, I tried my best to keep Prissy in the shop where she was cozy and safe, but as cats are want to do, she wanted to wander and slipped out of the shop door one day.  I had to go somewhere that day and when I was driving home, I saw her lying in the road.  I cried.  I have not had another cat since because we live on a busy road and cats do tend to want to cross the road, like chickens.  Why do we never see dead chickens in the road?  Are they wise to the way of road crossing?

I have had thoughts lately about getting another cat for my shop, but I have my doubts that I could keep it inside.

Do you have a cat or cats?  They are sweet lovable creatures except for one I heard about on the news just lately who was terrorizing its owners so much they called 911.  He is now in an animal shelter waiting for adoption.  Would you want to adopt him???

Here’s to cats and the people who love them.  Meow.  Bye.








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