Needles and Pins, Pins and Needles

I go through a lot of needles in my sewing projects.  I have lost so many needles and never have been able to find them anywhere.  One day last week David said he would look through my pin cushions because he just knew that is where my needles were.



As you can see, I have purchased several packages of needles in the past and quite a few are missing.


This is generally how my pin cushions look when I am busy sewing something.  Just ram the pins any which way.  My needles usually end up in one of these also and then, they disappear.



So David pushed and pulled on my pin cushions, getting bloodied fingers while doing so, and this is what he came up with.  About fifty needles that had got themselves deep inside the pincushions.  Wow, I was impressed.



He also replaced all the pins very neatly back into the pin cushions.   Wonder how long that will last?   Hmmmmmm.


A friend gave me this cute pincushion a while back.



I began looking for cute pins to stick in it.





I am a sucker for cute.  I don’t use these.  They are just for display so I can enjoy all the cuteness.



What?!  Where did he come from?  Hope there are no needles up his nose!




I got busy and made a needle case.  I am not going to put any more needles into my pincushions.  I had a little bit of this Mary Engelbreit  material that worked perfectly for this project.


I can put my needles just inside the case.


Or on this little needle pad I can put inside the case.  Now I will know where my needles are and won’t lose them in the pincushion, at least.


And while I was working with felt and felt the urge, I made this little British looking purse.  I love it.  I had made one in white for my granddaughter and wanted one for myself.  So easy to make, yet so cute.  Did I say I was a sucker for cute?


Speaking of cute.  The Sunday school class I work in studied blind Bartemaeus and how Jesus gave him back his sight. As the project, the children made glasses.  First I traced them on poster board.  Then they colored them and put on some cute stickers.




They got to choose from these stickers.  Honestly, I love stickers.  I can stand in Hobby Lobby and gape at all the stickers for scrap booking for long periods of time.  That is why I will not take up scrap booking because I would be obsessive with it and have to buy stickers all the time.  I got these stickers at Wal-mart.  They had a nice selection.


I had to make glasses for the teacher who likes to fish.


Then I had to make one for myself because I am obsessive like that.


Then I made two of these for my grandsons to wear while watching football.


I think they liked them.



The children in Sunday school enjoyed making them.


One more project I completed this week.  More on that later. By the way, what group sang, “Needles and Pins?”  Crystal Blue Persuasion.  That’s all I can remember about the song.  So many of the songs back when I was a girl were about drugs although I was too naive to know it at the time and glad of it.

Here’s to pins and needles and husbands who find them.  Bye.





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