Fluffy Bottoms

When God created the heavens and the earth, he decided to put animals and birds on the earth to inhabit it.  I have always thought God has to have a great sense of humor because of some of the creatures he created.

Who but God would think up a duck-billed platypus?   I did a report on them in elementary school. I was so interested in them and have always wanted to see one in real life.  A creature with the bill of a duck, webbed feet, fur, a paddle tail like a beaver  and it lives in the water.

How about the octopus?   A bulbous body with eight long legs and the legs have suction cups.  Suction cups!!!

Then there is the ostrich.  A gangly bird with a long neck like a giraffe and it hides its head in the dirt when it is scared.  It lays the biggest egg of any bird except maybe the emu.  I’m not sure about that.

How about a zebra?  Looks just like a horse, but is striped and acts more like a mule.  Yes, God has a sense of humor.  Looking at some of mankind I have to believe it also.   He has made us all different for a reason.

When God created chickens, and by the way, the chicken came first, not the egg, He really used His creative juices to make a wonderful bird.   Here is a bird with eyes kind of like a dinosaur’s.  Remember when the t-rex first appeared in Jurassic Park and looked in the car at the two children sitting there cringing in fear?  Well, I think a chicken’s eyes sort of look like that.


Picture this head a hundred times bigger than it is peering at you through a window.  Don’t you think it would freak you out???  Since chickens are so small, they are not scary at all, but they do have kind of scary eyes.  And they don’t miss a thing.



Penninah can out stare me.  She doesn’t blink.


When I sit down, these two begin to sneak around me, pecking me when I least expect it.  Doesn’t hurt.


They try to get behind me and before I know it, I feel a peck on my back.  Therefore, I don’t turn my back on these girls.


These Barred Rocks are beautiful.  If you could get close enough to them, you would see teal colored feathers under all the black and white.  I was surprised when I first saw it.  God surprises us even in the little things.



But besides the beautiful feathers and strange eyes, chickens have fluffy bottoms.  They look like little powder puffs.


The Buff Orpingtons have especially puffy, fluffy bottoms.  The better to keep their eggs warm if they were to set on fertilized eggs to hatch them.



It’s hard to snap a picture of Freedom’s fluffy bottom.  As soon as I get my camera ready, she runs.  But she, too, has a fluffy bottom.


I guess because chickens spend so much time with their bottoms up in the air pecking at anything they can find, it’s nice their bottoms are cute to look at.  Next to a baby’s bottom, I think chicken bottoms are the cutest.



Look!  This one is even in the shape of a heart.


I really don’t spend all the time looking at chickens’ bottoms.  There are other things in my garden to catch my attention.  The morning glories are at their peak right now.


I will leave you with one especially pretty bloom.  Bye.

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