Happy Birthday Daddy

Some people are blessed with a good father and I was one of them.  Okay, I didn’t always appreciate him when I was growing up, but in hindsight he did a pretty amazing job of instilling a good work ethic, morals and a love of God and country in all his children.

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My dad was pretty handsome.. He had brown hair and blue eyes that just got bluer the older he became.  He would only have to look at me sternly with those eyes to make me behave.  I would be crushed if he said anything to me unkindly which wasn’t often.  I have a grandson who reminds me so much of my dad.  He has his ears and his eyes.  Hope he grows up to be like him.

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My dad was the youngest in a family of girls.  He had an older brother who died from tetanus so being the only boy left and having older sisters made daddy a spoiled little boy. By the way, that tall man is my Uncle Russell who was married to my Aunt Mid. Aunt Ruth is on the left and Aunt Clara is on the right.  My grandparents are sitting.  Why didn’t people smile in photos back then?  They all look like they are being punished.

Daddy grew up in the roaring twenties, was married at the age of eighteen in the midst of the depression and was a farmer all his life.  He had a side job working in a factory, but farming was his life.  I loved following Daddy around on the farm although I didn’t get to often because he didn’t want me around the machinery.  I helped him pluck chickens, haul hay, and work in the garden. I loved riding on the tractor with him.   He taught me about animals and how to care for them(somewhere I missed learning about the chickens.)  He worked all the time and was only in the house for meals most days.  When he would take a few minutes to play basketball with my brothers in the haymow or to make caramel corn or sit at the piano and play the one song he could play because he never had lessons, it was always fun.  Don’t think Daddies aren’t important to their kids because they are.  We were watching him and learning just like kids do and he taught us kids a lot.  The most important thing he taught us was that he loved our mother and she came first.  When he would grab her and kiss her we would act embarrassed, but really we loved seeing him do it.

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Daddy played basketball in high school.  Wish this were in color so I could see the school colors.

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This is Daddy with my Aunt Ruth.  I love this picture.  Aunt Ruth really does look elegant.  I always thought she was a good dresser and she always smelled good.  I don’t know what perfume she used, but I liked it.  She was a gentle soul and so was my daddy.  I very rarely saw either of them angry.  I only got one spanking I can remember from my daddy because I had sassed my mother.  You treated Mother with respect around Daddy. Or anytime for that matter.

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I love this picture just because everyone is wearing hats  This is Daddy and Mom with my oldest brother and sister.  I’m not sure where this picture was taken.  Mom always dressed herself and  us kids well even when there wasn’t much money.


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Mom and Daddy lived over fifty years together.  They loved each other and I am sure they are together in Heaven now.  I remember that purse Mom is holding.  It was tapestry.  She always got a new purse at Christmas.   They make a nice looking couple. Gosh, Mom looks like my sister Joanne in this picture. Forgive me I am getting a little teary eyed, but I still miss them.  Mom and I use to lock horns occasionally but now I know it’s because I was so much like her.  Stubborn and wanting to do things my way. I am more like her than I ever thought I would be.  You know, you say,” I won’t be like my mother,” and you turn into your mother?    I hope I am like my daddy in many ways also because he was a good, godly man.

Anyway, it’s Daddy’s birthday.  He would have been ninety-eight this year.  Happy Birthday, Daddy.  I love you. See you soon.

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