Daily Archives: August 18, 2013

Rodeo! and Other Things

David put on his cowboy hat.


I put on my boots and we went to a rodeo.

There were horses.

And more horses.

There was a clown.

There was patriotism and a cowboy prayer.

An announcer who kept everything going.

More horses.  Sigh.  I want a horse!!!!!

These were some of the bucking broncs that were trying to kick their cages down.  They were rearing and stomping and ready to throw anyone who got on their back.

There was even a  marriage proposal right in the middle of the rodeo and she said, “Yes!”  The clown was in on it and offered the girl a larger(fake) diamond if she would marry him.

It was a fun evening.  The moon shone down on us and the crowd enjoyed it all. I plan to go back next year.

Now for what we have been doing.  We moved into our house thirty-six years ago.  It is now one hundred years old.  We had a birthday party for it this summer.  We have done a lot of remodeling through the years, but one place we never have touched was our cellar. It is not a basement in today’s version of basements, but a cellar where canned goods were kept for the winter.  I never liked going down in the cellar because there were always spiders and I was always afraid I would come across a snake. I never have.   We had a cellar in our house when I was growing up and one time I went down the stairs to bring Mother up some canned goods and laying right at eye level in the cellar window was a big, black snake curled up sleeping.  I ran back upstairs and it was a long time before Mother could get me to go back down into the cellar.  Daddy said it was gone, but I didn’t care.

Our children always wanted us to fix up the cellar into a real basement, but it was not to be.  A week ago David did decide he would paint it to make it brighter down there.

This is the cellar before painting.  You can see one wall that our grandchildren spray painted during Grandma’s camp.  It’s the brightest spot down there.

David began to spray paint.  He painted.

And he painted.  Pretty nearly everything in sight!  Even the shelves and ceiling.  He still has some of the ceiling to paint and then we will put everything back.  I will wash all the canning jars and cover them to keep them clean and it will look like a whole new cellar.

I will continue to store our canned goods down there.  David thinks I have too many cans of baked beans and pumpkin.  A couple of years ago, pumpkin was scarce, at least in our town and you couldn’t find a can to make anything so I began to buy up every can I could find.  Now I have a very nice supply for this Fall’s baking and I will not run out.


Just had to show you a double yolker one of the chooks laid.  The eggs are still pretty small although two of them laid two big eggs, but the silly girls stepped on them and broke them so Belle got to eat them.   I have baked two pound cakes with our own eggs and they turned out so yellow and moist.


I told you about these strips of fabric in an earlier post.  Fifty-two strips of fifty-two two and a half inch squares which make a one hundred and four by one hundred and four inch square quilt.

This is how it is turning out.  I was wondering what were the odds, with so many different fabrics, for the same fabrics to end up together.  Well, as you can see it happens even with one thousand one hundred and forty-four quilt squares. I don’t care.  I’m just putting them together randomly as I pick them up. You’ll never notice it on a galloping horse, as a friend of mine use to say when she made a mistake with her quilting.

Here’s to rodeos, horses and brighter cellars.  Bye.