Daily Archives: August 10, 2013

Deep Thoughts(or Not.)

  David and I took a walk in the dark tonight.   I love Summer nights when the cicadas are singing and there is a slight moistness in the air that clings to your skin and reminds you there are still warm days ahead.  This Summer has gone by so quickly and I am not ready to see it go. 

   Today we drove into town and saw children walking home from school with their backpacks and their idealism.  At least I hope they haven’t lost their idealism yet.  I still have it.  Sometimes I expect everyone else to think as I, but it just doesn’t work that way.  Anyway, seeing all those fresh young faces with so much future ahead of them made me happy.    One of my grandsons began kindergarten this week.  He has a long way to go and I hope and pray his school years will be happy and productive and he will learn a lot and never lose his creativity or his idealism.  He was telling me about his music class and singing a song he had learned when he stopped and said he couldn’t remember the rest because he had learned it in the morning and it was a long time since morning! He will be learning so much.  More things than I had to learn.  I hope he is blest with good teachers who love to teach and he will always keep his love of learning. 

  Now that Fall is just around the corner, can Christmas be far behind?  I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even bring that up yet.  Seems we are rushed from season to season and not allowed to enjoy the season we are presently living.  Halloween things are arriving in the stores.  I am not looking forward to putting all my Summer decorations and pillows away and getting out the Autumn ones.  I will be ready as soon as the air turns crisp and Fall like.  But I just got ready for Summer and it is slipping away too quickly. 

  I  do kind of feel sorry for the children having to go to school while there is still warm enough weather to go swimming or play baseball or go skateboarding.  I remember the last day of school when I would have months to be free of lessons and sitting inside.   One year we got out of school on May 6th and didn’t go back until after Labor Day.    The Summer would stretch before me like a gift just waiting to be opened.  I remember walking down the road to my sister’s house.  She lived about a quarter of a mile down the same road we lived on.  I would be singing, “June is Busting Out All Over” at the top of my voice, the old dog who lived with us at the time following me behind for just a little ways and then he would turn back and go home.  I remember days of swinging back and forth on the porch swing reading book after book until Mother would call me for something.  There were days when I would hunt for kittens in the barn loft, feed calves from a bucket and hunt eggs in the chicken house.  Days of playing croquet and badminton in the side yard for hours it seemed.  There was no hurry to do anything or be anywhere.  I loved it.  I love it when I have days like that now.  And I still gather eggs.

    I am not ready to put away my Summer things and get out the Autumn things, but I will feel differently when the weather turns crisp and Fall like.   I am glad David and I have planned an Autumn vacation.  We will be in the mountains when the leaves are turning, I hope.  Then it will be time for warm sweaters and hot chocolate and hearing the hum of the furnace as it kicks on. (And seeing the dollar signs roll by as the cost of heating goes up.)  But I don’t want to close this with a bad attitude so I will just say, “I love you Summer and this has been an extraordinary one. I have raised chickens and had a wonderful garden and a family reunion and got to visit with friends I don’t see very often.  I got to have three of my grandsons for almost three days for a fun filled Grandma’s camp. I have swam and walked and played with the dogs and watched the sunsets and felt the warm sun on my face and have enjoyed every single minute of you.  I won’t say good-bye because, God willing, I will see you again next year.” 

  Here’s to first days of school, Lazy Summer Days and health to enjoy it all.  Bye.