Daily Archives: July 11, 2013

Ten Things I Won’t Do Before I Die

I sit around, well maybe I don’t sit around, but I think a lot whatever I am doing and I wondered  just lately what were some of the things I know I will absolutely not do before I die.  Here’s my list.

1. I will never bungee jump. Period.  I think it is the craziest thing anyone has ever thought up and I will not put myself in the position of heading face first into a river, lake or into cement on a very flimsy rope that may or may not break.

2.  I will never have another baby.  Well, that is pretty much impossible although miracles do happen. Let’s just say I hope God doesn’t perform that miracle for me at this stage in my life as I would die trying to raise a teen-ager in my seventies.

3. I will never ride a roller coaster.  Not even the kiddie ones at King’s Island or the county fair.  Unless you count the runaway railroad at Disney World as a roller coaster and I would ride that over and over again.  Any coaster that takes me up higher than twenty feet and drops me suddenly will not have me sitting in one of its seats.

4.  I will never get married again.  When you have reached perfection in your life mate, anyone else who comes along will always be second best and I won’t take second best. (I know, I may eat my words one day, but it is very doubtful.)

5.  I will never be a millionaire and I don’t care.

6.  I will not drive cross country by myself.  I don’t like to drive anyway and prefer to have someone with me when I go anywhere so unless I can find someone who would dare ride with me cross country, it isn’t going to happen. With me driving, we may not make it across alive.  Any takers???

7.  I will never be able to jump hurdles again.  When I was in elementary school, I use to jump the high school hurdles all the time.  We had contests and I always won.  This behind is not getting over a hurdle any time soon.

8. I will never climb Mount Everest.  I have always admired mountain climbers and thought it would be wonderful to reach the peak of a high mountain.  I guess if I started training now maybe this one I could do, but probably not.

9. I will never jump out of an airplane, tandem or otherwise.  Just the thought of standing at the door of an airplane and flinging myself out makes my stomach queasy.

10.  I will never be in the military. I’m in God’s army.  Does that count?  That is one thing I kind of regret I didn’t do.  It would have been better for me than the college classes I took and I think I would have made a darn good soldier, sailor or airman.  David and I could share stories about our military days.  But I stayed home and kept the home fires burning and raised the children while David spent his time working for the military.  I am proud of him for that.  

  So, these are things I know I will never do.  Do you have some things you know you will never do before you die?  I would be interested in hearing them. Next I will post the ten things I want to do before I die.  Bye.