Daily Archives: April 12, 2013

Busy Weekend Ahead

Whew, do you ever wonder where the days go?  I get up and before I turn around it is time to  go to bed.  I’ve been trying to stay up later, but by ten o’clock I am tucked in with a good book and nodding off by eleven.  I thought it was nine o’clock when I got up this morning although as I came down the stairs I thought it was awfully dark for nine.  When I saw the clock on the stove, it was just seven.  I decided I was not going to go back to bed because David and I had plans for the morning.

  When David got up we went to IHOP for brunch where I got an omelet and spinach and cheese melt, yum,  and then went shopping for gardening things.  I got a new potato fork. Whoopie!!  I won’t be digging any potatoes with it, but will use it to turn the compost pile.  I’ve been wanting one for a while.  Better than any jewelry.  We looked for some new food for the dogs.  Suddenly they are both turning up their doggie noses at the food they have been eating for years.  Maybe it’s because I have spoiled them with treats and scraps in their food and when they get it plain, they don’t like it.

  I got some pink phlox and hamburger at Jay C.  How’s that for diversity?

  Then on to Rural King.  One of my favorite stores.  I’d rather go there than any department store.  Had to check on the baby chicks even though I won’t be getting any more for a while.  The Austrolops are so pretty.  There were some chicks with little white bottoms.  I don’t know what kind they were, but they were so cute.  Wonder if they keep their white bottom into adulthood?  They would be easy to see for a predator, I would think with their shiny bottoms gleaming

   We got some basil and thyme plants, a magnolia tree and fifty bags of mulch.  Let the mulching begin.  Will probably put down a hundred or so bags before we are done.

 I love Spring and getting ready to garden.  I have tomato plants growing and will plant cucumbers and pumpkins and garlic.  That’s about it.  Seed is so expensive anymore you can almost buy the food for what the seed costs.  Last year after all the time, money and work, I only got two quarts of green beans from the garden so I am definitely not planting green beans this year.  David says I am a hoarder because every time we go to the grocery I buy several cans of green beans.  I like having plenty on hand and eat a lot of them myself.  I can buy almost thirty cans of green beans for what a pound of green bean seeds would cost me.

  I am reading a really good book right now.  One I probably wouldn’t have chosen on my own, but I read about it on a blog I read and they are doing a discussion group on it.  I ordered it for my Kindle and I can hardly put it down. It is about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a theologian during the second world war who was one of the men who tried to assassinate Adolph Hitler.  He led such an interesting life and lived out his faith during the war.  He was held in prison and eventually murdered, but he also wrote many letters to his fiancée and there is a book of those I would like to read next. Not a book I would have looked at and said “Hey, I need to read that,” but I am glad it was brought to my attention.

  David and I are going to our first auction this weekend.  We haven’t been to one for a couple of years and have really missed it so we made a promise to ourselves we would get to one or two this year.  We use to go about every weekend, but how many antiques and bric a brac can two people have?  We should open an antique store ourselves.  But we never get rid of anything.  I am not a hoarder, I promise.  You can walk through my house and I have room to store things.  I just really should not buy anything else.  We shall see what happens when the bidding begins!

  Hope all will be well with you this weekend.  Bye.